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2012 Awards

November 2012 : General Mortors    "2012 Supplier Quality Excellence Award"

The scene of awards ceremony

The scene of awards ceremony (second from the left:Masato Isokawa, President of FTdM)

FUJITSU TEN de MEXICO, S.A. de C.V. (FTdM)received "2012 GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award" from General Mortors

The GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award joins the 20-year-old Supplier of the Year Award and will recognize about 7 percent of product suppliers - those who have demonstrated the highest levels of quality performance over the previous 12 months.
FTdM met or exceeded a stringent set of quality performance criteria along with the cross-functional support of the entire GM organization.
FTdM has led to this award is to evaluate the quality of the speakers and amplifier.

October 2012 : Japan Institute of Design Promotion    "Good Design Award 2012"

TD508MK3 (left), TD510MK2 (right)

"TD508MK3" (left), "TD510MK2" (right)

ECLIPSE home audio speakers "TD510MK2" and "TD508MK3" won Good Design Award 2012

FUJITSU TEN LIMITED announces that "TD510MK2" and "TD508MK3", our core models of home audio speaker "ECLIPSE TD series" remodeled this year, have won the Good Design Award 2012 from Japan Institute of Design Promotion.

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May 2012 : Hino Motors Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc.    "Excellence in Cooperation Award 2011"

The scene of awards ceremony

The scene of awards ceremony (forth from the left:Ryoji Otowa, President of FTCA)

FUJITSU TEN CORP. OF AMERICA(FTCA) receives "Excellence in Cooperation Award 2011" from Hino Motors Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc.

FTCA accepted the “Excellence in Cooperation Award 2011” from Hino Motors Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc. for its performance achievement in the aftermath of Tohoku Earthquake and Thailand Flood.
This special award was established following the natural disaster in 2011, and will be awarded to one supplier each year. FTCA was the inaugural recipient of this award selected among Hino Motors Manufacturing U.S.A. suppliers.

March 2012 : Toyota Motor Europe    "Achievement (Silver awards) of "2011 TME Award in Supply & Award in Project Management"

The scene of awards ceremony

FUJITSU TEN ESPAÑA, S.A. / FUJITSU TEN (EUROPE) GmbH received double Supplier Awards for Achievement (silver awards) in "Project Management" and "Supply" categories from Toyota Motor Europe (TME).

TME highly evaluated the improved communication improvement that FUJITSU TEN related departments and each European site had been worked cooperatively in the same direction and the risk management responses to the Earthquake and Floods occurred in 2011. These led to the double winning and winning of "Project Management" Award for consecutive years.

March 2012 : Subaru of Indiana Automotive INC.    "Quality & Delivery Award 2011"

The scene of awards ceremony

The scene of awards ceremony (from left to right: Hiroaki Shiraishi, FTCA, Hiroyuki Yoshida, Executive Vice President of FTCA, and Motokiyo Nomura, President of SIA)

FUJITSU TEN CORP. OF AMERICA (FTCA) received "Quality & Delivery Award 2011" from Subaru of Indiana Automotive INC. (SIA)

The award was granted to FTCA, for the third consecutive year, due to recognition for no product failure in the quality and no delay in the delivery to SIA in 2011.

March 2012 : General Motors    "Supplier of the year 2011"

The scene of awards ceremony

The scene of Awards ceremony Ryoji Otowa, President of FTCA(second from the right) and Chet Korzeniewski, EVP of FTCA(second from the left)

FUJITSU TEN received "Supplier of the year 2011" award from General Motors (GM) for Third Consecutive Year
- Win high recognition for global activity -

FUJITSU TEN LIMITED, developer of the ECLIPSE car navigation brand received "Supplier of the year" award from GM for the third consecutive year.
FUJITSU TEN won the 2011 award in part to the recognition for usual delivery to GM, and development and delivery support provided to GM sites in the world.
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