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Designing Advanced Car Audio Systems

Since supplying car radios to Toyota in 1955 for the Crown model, DENSO TEN has accumulated more than half a century of experience in car audio. We continue to offer car audio systems that are easy-to-use and enhance the driving experience.

Working to create state-of-the-art acoustic spaces

An automobile cabin is a difficult environment for an acoustic space

There is glass that reflects sound, seat fabric materials that absorb sound, positional limitations for speaker mounting, as well as noise from outside the cabin, which all contribute to making the cabin a very difficult environment in which to make an optimal acoustic space. DENSO TEN has accumulated a vast amount of experience in grappling with these problems over the years. We have worked to understand all aspects of the automobile that relate to the acoustic space in the cabin. By approaching the cabin environment of each automobile model as a unique environment, aiming to optimize the sound quality, acoustic field and orientation, we continue to develop and apply leading-edge technology to overcome these problems and provide a satisfying car audio experience for our customers.

Designing Advanced Car Audio Systems

From the Acoustics Development Center to the customer

From the Acoustics Development Center to the customer
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