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Behavior Declaration (CSR Policy)

We, DENSO TEN, shall contribute in building a better relationship between human and automobiles by providing our products and endeavor to become a corporation trusted by both regional and international society. In order to achieve this goal, we shall respect the ideal of “MAKOTO” (“sincerity” in Japanese) and put this “DENSO TEN Group Corporate Behavior Manifesto” into practice based on “DENSO TEN Corporate Philosophy”.

  • Customer is number one, optimal product quality, and products/services that exceed expectations
  • Improve safety and product quality
  • Protect personal information
  • Respect for human rights
  • Prohibition of forced and child labor
  • Actualize job satisfaction
  • Fair labor conditions and safe work environment
  • Co-existence and co-prosperity
  • Fair and transparent business opportunities, and just relationships
  • Improve corporate value
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Proper information disclosure
  • Compliance with all international and local rules
  • Proper relationship with governmental authority
  • Handling of antisocial forces
<Social contribution>
  • Contribute to creating prosperous society and local communities
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