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Our commitment to acoustic quality and leading-edge technology does not stop with car audio, as we are also active in generating new ideas for the home audio field. For example, we are developing audio systems based on time domain theory in order to recreate the atmosphere of a live performance.

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The ECLIPSE TD Series: Aiming for accurate sound reproduction

Speaker system design to date has emphasized the speaker's unique characteristics. With the ECLIPSE TD Series, in contrast, the design concept is that accurate sound equals delivering 100% of the artistic content to the listener.

Speaker system development based on time domain theory

Whereas conventional speaker system development focuses on frequency characteristics, time domain theory maintains that accurate reproduction of the temporal wave forms is true high fidelity (Hi-Fi). To this end, it is important that audio impulses* are accurately reproduced.
* Audio data is an aggregation of impulse trains.

Comparison of impulse responsiveness

Comparison of impulse responsiveness

A sound is an aggregation of impulse trains.

Realizing practical application of time domain theory

Main obstacles to accurate sound reproduction

  1. Sound generated by the enclosure (standing waves, diffracted waves, noise from enclosure vibrations transmitted by the drivers).
  2. Energy loss caused by the driver unit being loosely fixed in place.
  3. Sympathetic vibration of the tweeter and woofer.
  4. Irregularity in the phase characteristics of a network circuit or multi-way speaker.


  1. Small-diameter single driver
    Adopted for its high-speed impulse responsiveness. Ensures accurate attack and decay of reproduced sounds.
  2. Grand anchor
    Provides ample mass for absorbing the piston motion of the diaphragm, and improves the instantaneous force of the unit.
  3. Diffusion stay
    Keeps the enclosure and driver unit in a floating state, and controls the transmission of vibrations from the diaphragm. Prevents the generation of sounds not contained in the original music signal due to unnecessary vibrations.
  4. Eggshell construction
    Disperses stress and minimizes all resonance due to internal reflection of sound and diffracted waves generated from the corners of the baffle surface.
Realizing practical application of time domain theory

Characteristics of the ECLIPSE TD Series

  • Clearness that reproduces the detailed nuances of the sound.
  • High-speed attack and decay.
  • Accurately reproduces the atmosphere of the space in which the original recording was made.

  • The artistic content of the recording is reproduced to the highest level attainable.
  • Natural, therapeutic sound

Why the ECLIPSE TD Series sound is real

* The image when any one sound is input.

ECLIPSE TD speaker

ECLIPSE TD speaker

Conventional speakers

Conventional speakers
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