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Creating In-Company Audio Culture

Creating in-company audio culture that fosters an open-minded organizational climate

DENSO TEN's activities for creating in-company audio culture are aimed at heightening the sensibilities of our staff and promoting the development of communication among colleagues, and incorporate a wide range of initiatives including in-company charity concerts or classes taught by employees on acoustics theory, lyric writing, musical composition, musical instruments, and more.

Creating In-Company Audio Culture

"Heartful" Concert

Our in-company charity concerts, proposed by employees and launched in 1993, are primarily aimed at “providing opportunities to enjoy good music,” “encouraging livelier in-company communication” and “using admission fees collected at these concerts for social action programs.” Four times a year, these concerts are held at our in-company studio or event venue, with members of the in-company volunteer group “Sound Workshop” in charge of managing them.

Heartful Concert
Heartful Concert
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