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Car Electronic Device Components

Engine Control ECU

For improved fuel consumption and better environmental performance. The ECU can also be installed inside the engine compartment.

A microcomputer-controlled fuel injection system precisely supplies fuel to the engine as needed. Optimal control of the amount of fuel injected and the ignition timing improves running performance and reduces hazardous components in the exhaust gas. The design also allows for installation of the ECU in the engine room, once difficult due to issues such as lack of heat resistance.

How the Engine Control ECU Works

Engine control ECU

Improved fuel consumption ( 24% better than the 1987 10-15 mode test cycle)(1-ton vehicle class)
Reduced exhaust gas ( 98%  less nitrogen oxide than 1971)

Hybrid Module ECU

Optimized control of two types of power source (engine and motor) for reduced fuel consumption.

The system optimally controls two types of power source (gasoline-powered engine and electric motor) to improve fuel consumption and reduce exhaust gas. Also, as development tools for the hybrid module ECU, we have developed and supplied a dedicated motor model and a motor board for high-speed simulations?one of the fastest in the industry in terms of computing power.

Control flow

Hybrid Module ECU

Better fuel consumption ( 33-35.5km/? in 10-15 mode ) Comparison: 16-22 km/? in 10-15 mode for compact carsReduced exhaust gas ( 75%  less nitrogen oxide than 2005 regulation values )

Air Bag Control Module ECU

Ensures the proper deployment of airbags in a collision.

In a collision, sensors react and an airbag will deploy from the steering wheel or dashboard and inflate to lighten the impact on the driver's or passenger's body. The system also assists seatbelt action to aid in physical protection of the driver. The standard 8-channel system includes airbags with multistage control on both the driver and passenger side, along with knee airbags to restrain passenger movement in a collision. A 14-channel high-performance system also offers protection from a side collision (with side airbags and curtain shield airbags) and works with a rear pretensioner. Both of these advanced systems have been developed in cooperation with Toyota Motor Corporation.
(Computer developed and manufactured by DENSO TEN)

Airbag System

Air Bag Control Module ECU

Ensures that the airbag inflates to the ideal parameters in conjunction with securing of the body by the seatbelt.Airbag deployment disperses or mitigates the force of a collision on the head and chest to lighten impact on the body.

Security System

Quickly detects tampering to deter car theft.

The system sounds an alarm if there is any forced opening/closing of a door or impact to a window. Sensors immediately detect any abnormal vehicular conditions and the system flashes the lights and sounds a loud alarm intermittently to deter car theft.

Security System

Telematics Unit for the eCall Emergency Call System

Promptly rescues drivers in the unlikely event of an accident.

This telematics unit supports the eCall Emergency Call System* for automatic calling in case of an automobile accident or other emergency. Its functions include automatic calling after collision detection, manual calling using a call button, data transmission, and return calls from the Emergency Response Center.

Telematics unit Call button
Compliant with both the European "eCall" and the Russian "ERA GLONASS" (emergency call service using the Russian satellite positioning system).
Overview of eCall Emergency Call System

*At the Yokosuka Research Park (YRP), our company has participated in building Japan's first testing platform for the eCall Emergency Call System together with Gemalto, the world leader in digital security.

Remote Engine Starter

Start the engine from a distance.

The engine can be started from a distance by remote control, allowing you to keep the car at a comfortable temperature.

Remote Engine Starter

Remote Engine Starter System with Smartphone Connectivity

By using the Internet or the mobile phone network, the vehicle can be operated from
a distance greater than conventional remote control.

Press Release (March 12,2013)

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