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Global Environmental Protection

Promoting environmental management and helping protect the global environment

As a global supplier, we offer green products with a high eco-friendly standard and we are incorporating measures to lessen the environmental impact throughout all levels of our business. DENSO TEN hopes to make everything green for all automotive related business.

ISO14001 Global Integrated Certification

The DENSO TEN Group achieved globally integrated certification for all of its Japanese and foreign bases in August 2009 with the acquisition of ISO 14001 international standard of Environmental Management System. (Except for some overseas non-manufacturing bases. Employee ratio is 97.9%.)

ISO14001 Global Integrated Certification

Development of Super Green & Green products

Through a review of the framework of our past environmental impact assessment, we have established a framework for confirming regulatory compliance in order to thoroughly check compliance with product environmental regulations and similar items.
As a prerequisite for ensuring such compliance, we are introducing a lifecycle assessment (LCA) structure in order to reduce the overall environmental impact of our products.
This structure will enable the continued development of environmentally friendly products through which we can upgrade our standards by attaining "Green Product" certification for products that have shown improvements, such as low energy usage, resource conservation, and voluntary elimination of toxic substances, and also by acquiring "Super-Green Product" certification for eco-friendly products that are in the top level of environmental consideration within our company and the industry in general.

Super Green products

Global Environmental Protection

Aiming for cleaner communities, we pick up trash in local streets, sidewalks and parks near each business location. DENSO TEN is widening the circle of voluntary environmental action, with each and every employee fulfilling his or her responsibility as a member of the community. In addition, we perform tree planting and thinning, and stock waterways with fish to help maintain biodiversity.

Global  Environmental  Protection

Promotion of clean energy use with rooftop gardening

As one part of our involvement for global warming countermeasures, we have installed photovoltaic facilities at our Head Plant coupled with rooftop gardening.

Photovoltaic facilities
Rooftop gardening

Promotion of Green Distribution

We are optimizing our transport routes with modal shifts, as well as reducing the number of transport trucks based on improvements in load efficiency for pallets and packaging.
We are introducing a "milk run" system in which a single truck picks up parts from various parts companies during a single run as a means to reduce CO2 emissions caused by truck transport during parts procurement.

Promotion of green procurement

To promote the development of Green and Super-Green products and ensure products are thoroughly environmentally compliant, the DENSO TEN Group issues Green Procurement Guidelines outlining our approach to green procurement, our objectives, and environmental standards for suppliers of parts, materials and other transaction items, promoting green procurement among our suppliers.

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