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Safety & Security

Driver Support System For safety and security more reliable by ICT
in a person,a car, society.

Records sound and video to support safe driving in ordinary cars as well as trucks and other commercial vehicles.Drive Recorder

Drive RecorderA sensor detects the shock from sudden braking or sharp turns and instantly records audio and video prior to and subsequent to the shock. Other features that boost awareness of safe driving include an alarm that sounds when accelerating suddenly or speeding.

Quickly detects unusual conditions in the car. A siren sounds intermittently to deter car theft.Vehicle Security System(VSS)

Vehicle Security System(VSS)Immediately detects an intrusion into the vehicle or unusual conditions. A warning siren goes off if a door is forced open or upon an impact to the window glass to deter auto theft.
Vehicle Security System(VSS)

Airbags inflate instantaneously and unerringly upon impact, helping to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers.Airbag Control Module ECU

Airbag Control Module ECUIn a collision, sensors are activated and an airbag will deploy from the steering wheel or dashboard and inflate to lighten the impact on the driver's or passenger's body. The system also assists seatbelt action.
Airbag Control Module ECU

In an emergency, the Emergency Answering Center is automatically notified, allowing for the quick rescue of the driver if ever necessary.Telematics Unit for the eCall Emergency Call System

Telematics Unit for the eCall Emergency Call SystemThis telematics unit for the eCall Emergency Call System *automatically notifies authorities of a car accident or other emergency when it occurs.
The system offers various functions such as automatic calling when a collision is detected, manual calling using a call button, data transmission, and the return of a call from the Emergency Answering Center.
Telematics Unit for the eCall Emergency Call System

Overview of eCall Emergency Call System

Overview of eCall Emergency Call System

* DENSO TEN is working with Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, at the Yokosuka Research Park(YRP) to build Japan's first test platform for the eCall Emergency Call System. In Europe, the European Commission has recommended the introduction of a legal requirement for new cars starting in 2015 to be equipped with an “eCall” automated emergency response system. In Russia(where it is called ERA-GLONASS), such measures were announced in 2014.

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