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ICT-Enabled Car Lifestyles of the Near Future

ICT-Enabled Car Lifestyles of the Near Future

Bringing people and cars closer ICT.

DENSO TEN connects together people, cars and society. We want cars to be a more intimate collaborator in our everyday lives. To this end, we generate new value by advanced technology, including mobility solutions utilizing ICT* and advanced driving support systems to support safe and comfortable driving.
* Information and communications technology

Three Technologies to Support Drivers' Safety and Comfort

Data Analysis Solutions

Providing new services using big data
Cloud-based taxi dispatch system utilizing AI

Real-time data are matched to all kinds of past data to forecast the situation ahead. The system supports the driver with careful attention. For example, a cloud-based taxi dispatch system utilizing AI predicts taxi demand for the next 30 minutes by combining big data elements including vehicle operating data. And also the Telematics Service for Safe Driving Management is capable of accumulating and sharing locationdata of danger (such as frequent braking zones) with other drivers via the cloud.

Sensing Technology

"Seeing and understanding" the car's surroundings
Front side Millimeter Wave Radar

By using an Onboard Camera and a Millimeter Wave Radar, the car's surroundings are monitored to sense dangerous situations approaching. Front-side Millimeter Wave Radar demonstrates its capabilities in detecting pedestrians at intersections. Remote Multi-Angle Vision automatically sends a smartphone alert when a vehicle impact is detected and is capable of confirming the vehicle’s surroundings even from a remote location.

Advanced HMI

Adjusts the vehicle’s cabin according to driving circumstances
The Super Directional Speakers

The Super Directional Speakers control the acoustic field—for instance, sending the sounds of vehicle navigation guidance only to the driver, which is useful when passengers are sleeping.

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