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Car Electronic Device Components

Good for cars, people and the global environment

By driving the evolution of cars through information technologies and achieving new innovations in user-friendly interfaces, we aim to seamlessly link cars and society to "ensure safety and reliability," "create a comfortable mobile space" and "protect the global environment," which we position as our main development themes. With such lofty goals, we began full-fledged development of electronic devices for automobiles in 1973. Today we employ cutting-edge telecommunications and sensing and control technologies to enhance vehicle performance and optimize vehicle control. At the same time, our products help to improve safety on the roads and reduce environmental impact. The many electronic devices we have developed and released over the years strive to improve the connections between people and cars, a pursuit we are committed to continuing. At DENSO TEN we are looking to the future with products that will watch over the joint futures of cars, people, and the global environment.

Our Goals for Society

Our Lineup of Car Electronic Device Components

Hybrid Module ECU Engine Control ECU Air Bag Control Module ECU Security System
Millimeter Wave Rader
Remote Engine Starter
Multi-Angle Vision Full-Perimeter Monitoring SystemTelematics Unit for the eCall Emergency Call SystemRemote Engine Starter System with Smartphone Connectivity
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