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DENSO TEN Social Contribution Fund

Establishment The Fund was jointly established in May 1994 by DENSO TEN Limited and the DENSO TEN Labor Union.
Objective The objective of the Fund is to implement social action programs in a well-planned and ongoing manner.
Program contents Charitable donations
Contributions to the Fund and donations from volunteer groups are collected and used to deliver charitable donations, primarily to social welfare facilities.
Environmental programs and support for local community exchange programs
Financial support for volunteer activities of various cultural and physical training clubs.
Fundraising programs
We collect mistakenly inscribed postcards, used prepaid cards, canceled stamps, foreign coins, “bell marks” from product packages, and monetary donations, and donate them to various facilities and organizations.
Survey and research programs
Social welfare-related surveys and researches
Management system Contributions from DENSO TEN Limited, Tochigi DENSO TEN Limited and the DENSO TEN labor union, as well as revenues from employees' charity programs, are collected in order to fund their activities.
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