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Efficiently Supporting Safe-Driving Through Cloud Connection
FUJITSU TEN Releases the G500 Series Commercial Use Drive Recorder
- With automatic extraction of near-accident images for the first time on the market(*1) -

Future Link
Sep. 17, 2015

G500 Series OBVIOUS Recorder A diagnostic sheet for dangerous inter-vehicle distance
G500 Series OBVIOUS Recorder
(camera and SD cards sold separately)
A diagnostic sheet for dangerous inter-vehicle distance

  Kobe, Japan, September 17, 2015 - On September 18, FUJITSU TEN LIMITED (Head office: Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture; President & Representative Director: Akira Yamanaka) will be releasing the G500 Series as a new product of the commercial-use drive recorder, "OBVIOUS Recorder"(*2), that ensures safe driving in an efficient way through a cloud connection. The line-up will include the drive recorder exclusive model DRU-5010, and the DRD-5020 model equipped with a digital tachograph(*3) (scheduled for launch in late December).
These new products are going to be exhibited at "The 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015" (from October 29 to November 8, 2015).

We introduced "Future Link™" in the autumn of 2014, a concept of in-vehicle information devices and services to provide new value customized to the needs of each of our customers by linking data related to people, cars, and society. Currently, we are proceeding with deployment to all different business fields at our company. Our new products have made this concept become reality.

These products automatically extract only highly dangerous near-accident images that could lead to accidents from a large amount of recordings made while driving (for the first time on the market (*1)), making the visual inspection by the manager unnecessary.
Furthermore, the new products are equipped with a high-resolution digital camera with the largest commercially marketed image sensor.
We added two new functions: the lane departure detection function which measures the distance between the vehicle and the lane, and the inter-vehicle distance detection function which measures the distance to the vehicle in the front. These measurements are saved in chronological order and used as driving diagnostic data. The driving characteristics of each driver are analyzed according to the tendencies in the lane departure distance at different times of day or the inter-vehicle distance at different speeds. This data can then be used to give guidance and education for safe driving. The device will also warn the driver with audio guidance when a dangerous lane departure distance has been detected.

? In addition to the lane departure distance and the inter-vehicle distance, you can collect the vehicle position and speed data, sudden acceleration/deceleration data, as well as work-related data such as work start/end time or data related to loading and unloading cargo in a cloud by connecting the communication unit (optional). That way, you can check the real-time vehicle position and movement from your office computer, and give driving instructions or safe driving guidance to the driver immediately.
Furthermore, a function is equipped to customize the product depending on customer's work and operations by connecting the heat sensor in the trunk of your truck or a breathalyzer.

[List of New Products]

Product name Model name Suggested retail price
(tax included)
Release date
[In-vehicle Devices]
G500 Series OBVIOUS Recorder
Drive recorder dedicated model
DRU-5010 Open price September 18
G500 Series OBVIOUS Recorder
Model with a digital tachograph
DRD-5020 12月下旬
Standard camera CMR-5010 September 18
SDHC/SDXC card (8/16/32/64/128GB)
[Optional equipment]
Communication unit DCM-503G Open price September 18
Additional camera CMR-4011
Infrared camera kit CMR-4012
6-button operation unit SPU-110
Microphone MIC-4011
ETC connection cable ACY-264
[Application software]
Basic software: drive recorder
management software
Open price September 18
Additional software: software for
eco-friendly and safe driving
Additional software: software for
digital tachograph users
(Note)Products sold in Japan

Product Concepts

Our products do not simply record driving data and images, but offer total support of safety, security, and work by offering functions useful for guidance and education on accident prevention, ensuring more stable video recording, ensuring better driving management functions, and reducing the amount of work required from our customers. This is the development concept of our commercial-use drive recorders. In November 2005, we launched the OBVIOUS Recorder for taxis, and afterwards continued steadily to develop a model for transportation vehicles with 24V charging systems and a combined model with a digital tachograph, a real-time eco-friendly guidance function that supports eco-drive, and a virtual distance indicator function that allows the user to check the inter-vehicle distance for educational purposes. By using these concepts in our new products and including the communication functions and the connection with the cloud center, we can develop the analysis of the each individual driver's driving characteristics and improve work efficiency and safe driving of commercial-use vehicles through real-time driving monitoring.


[Advantages of the Cloud Connection]
- Through consolidated management of data from multiple bases, we can reduce the amount of server management work required at each office.
- Automatic updates and consolidated management of the application software ensure that the user's applications are always up-to-date.
- Since it is not necessary to build a dedicated network and server to link multiple bases, the initial costs can be reduced.

Main Features of New Products

1.Enhanced Safe-Driving Support
■Automatic image analysis function First in the industry!

An extracted near-accident image

An extracted near-accident image

By using the cloud service, you can automatically extract highly dangerous near-accident images that could lead to accidents from a large amount of recordings collected from the vehicles owned. The extracted images display in an emphasized manner the information on the cause and the travel point.
This will reduce the amount of work required from the managers who now have to look for such instances visually, and improve work efficiency.

■Lane Departure Detection Function/Inter-vehicle Distance Detection FunctionNew!

An extracted near-accident image

An extracted near-accident image

The device continuously measures the distance to the vehicle in the front and the distance between the moving vehicle and the lane with a high-resolution digital camera. When a dangerous lane departure distance has been detected, the device will issue a warning with audio guidance for the driver to support safe driving.
You can adopt preventive safety measures for each individual driver by analyzing the tendencies of each driver at different times of day and driving speeds from the data obtained through measuring.
The lane departure detection function uses the technology developed by FUJITSU LABORATORIES (*4), and the inter-vehicle distance detection function uses the technology developed by FUJITSU (*5).

■Dangerous Area Warning

According to the vehicle position, the device will pick up 200 spots of dangerous areas such as intersections with frequent accidents, and issue a warning with audio guidance for the driver when the vehicle enters such an area. (The communication unit must be connected)

2.Utilizing the Driving Management Data
■Monitoring the vehicle position and movement and giving instructions from the officeNew!

By connecting the communication unit (optional) and establishing a connection with the cloud, you can automatically collect the vehicle position data, distance to the lane or distance to the vehicle in front, data about sudden turns or breaking events or vehicle movement data.
①You can monitor the vehicle position, driving conditions or vehicle movement from your office computer and give driving instructions or safe driving guidance to the driver in real time.
②Since a driver's log will be created from the collected data, you no longer need to save it to an SD card and take it back to the office at the end of driving.

3.Improved Image Quality
■The largest commercially marketed high-performance image sensor (1/2.7-inch CMOS sensor) & 1-million-pixel cameraNew!

The larger the area of an image sensor is, the more light it can receive and the more information it can take in per pixel. Hence, the area of the image sensor is a major factor in determining the picture quality. The largest commercially marketed 1/2.7-inch CMOS sensor allows the device to produce high image quality recordings that can capture even vehicle numbers and other details that were previously hard to discern.

■HDR imaging technology for a high visibility level New!

The device is equipped with HDR imaging (high dynamic range imaging), which synthesizes low-exposure images with high-exposure images to form images with balanced gradations, thus making clearly visible the image portions that previously could not be captured. This corrects the blackout effect in tunnels or on unlit roads at night, and the overexposure effect on license plates in the glare of headlights, ensuring well-balanced recorded images even in the nighttime.

4.Equipped with Customization FunctionNew!

You can customize the function by connecting the heat sensor in the trunk of your truck or the breathalyzer. We offer support by performing individual development suited to each of our customers upon request.
(Note) Depending on the specifications of the connecting device, you may not be able to use the function.

5.Perfecting the Recording FunctionalityNew!

■Connect up to 5 cameras
■High image quality and long recording times thanks to the 128-GB high-capacity SDXC card support
■Dual recording mode - event recording and continuous recording

Expandability of G500

"Using information to the fullest, reaching out to people, motivating an action." This is the ideal attitude of Future LinkTM that FUJITSU TEN is aiming for.
By collecting and analyzing the extracted near-accident images while also taking into account the time information and regional conditions, the G500 will map near-accident images in detail, analyze each individual driver's characteristics based on the driver's (the person's) condition such as their drowsiness or concentration level, and further improve the preventive safety functions. (In connection with FUJITSU's cloud service, "FUJITSU Intelligent Society Solution SPATIOWL" which uses FUJITSU's position information)


Fujitsu Ten Limited, established in 1972 with investment from FUJITSU LIMITED and with additional investment from Toyota Motor Corporation and DENSO Corporation in 1973, is a leading manufacturer of automotive electronics Industry. It is a globally-recognized manufacturer of car navigation and audio systems, ECU for engine and airbag control, millimeter wave radar, mobile communication equipment etc. It is expanding its business globally by fulfilling orders for genuine products for Toyota and other automobile manufactures.


(*1)  As of September, 2015

Since our commercial-use drive recorder collects information about the driving conditions and the conditions surrounding the vehicle using sound and images to deliver the facts in a clear way, we have chosen the word "OBVIOUS - CLEAR" to name our "OBVIOUS Recorder".

(*3)  Digital tachograph
Digital tachograph is a device that automatically saves information such as vehicle driving speed and time to the memory card.

Head office: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture; President and Representative Director: Hideyuki Saso

Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Tatsuya Tanaka

(*6)  EMS: Eco-drive Management System
This is a system that will provide you with consistent guidance for the current driving conditions while promoting eco-drive in a planned and continuous manner when you operate trucks or similar vehicles.
As a measure against CO2 emissions, Japan has been carrying out subsidized projects since FY 2005 to promote EMS and devices that support eco-drive.

Trademark information

-Future Link™ is a registered trademark of FUJITSU TEN LIMITED.
-Proper names such as the product names mentioned herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

The contents of a press release are as of the publication. Later, they are apt to be changed without notice. Thank you for understanding in advance.

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