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“FUJITSU TEN cloud-based taxi dispatch system” has been launched
-Improving taxi dispatch efficiency by reducing initial cost and linking to big data-
-Available as digital radio as well as IP wireless communications for the first time in Japan-

Future Link
May. 25, 2015

cloud-based taxi dispatch system

  FUJITSU TEN LIMITED (Head office: Kobe City , Hyogo, President & Representative Director; Akira Yamanaka, hereinafter referred to as FUJITSU TEN) has developed a “FUJITSU TEN cloud-based taxi dispatch system” that efficiently performs the dispatch of taxi. The sales will be conducted by a sales subsidiary, FUJITSU TEN SALES LIMITED. (Head office: Kobe City, Hyogo, President & Representative Director; Ohno Yoshihiko) commencing on June 1, 2015.

  FUJITSU TEN announced the concept of in-vehicle information equipment and services, known as Future Link™, in autumn 2014; this system is to provide new value tailored to each customer by linking data on "people", "vehicles", and "society" and its implementation is promoted by all our business fields. The current new product is the embodiment of this concept.

  The “FUJITSU TEN cloud-based taxi dispatch system” is designed to eliminate the need for the dedicated servers that are now being used by each taxi company, so as to reduce the initial cost and shorten the time required for equipment installation, and to solve failures rapidly with a 24-h maintenance system by concentrating dispatch management functions to the cloud center.
In addition, beginning around autumn 2015, we are planning a phased roll-out of a service that will realize deliberate vehicle placement and efficient cruising of taxis by analyzing information useful for predicting taxi demand in cooperation with big data including weather information, railway operation information, and event information linked to location using the "FUJITSU Intelligent Society Solution SPATIOWL” (hereinafter referred to as SPATIOWL) ,which is the cloud service of FUJITSU LIMITED (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President & Representative Director; Masami Yamamoto, hereinafter referred to as FUJITSU) which utilizing location-based data.
The communication method connecting taxis and the dispatch center works with both “digital radio communication” using dedicated radio waves, and “IP wireless communication” using the portable telephone network, for the first time in Japan among cloud-based taxi dispatch systems (*1).

Background for Commercialization

In conventional taxi dispatch systems, each taxi company has to owe a dedicated server and bear implementation, maintenance, and management man-hour cost, etc. In addition, taxi radio communication in Japan is scheduled to completely change to digital radio communication by 2016. However, the switch over has not been completed in 20% of or about 40,000 taxis.
FUJITSU TEN, by integrating the ICT held by the parent company FUJITSU with the in-vehicle technology that we have been cultivating for many years in the development of taxi dispatch systems using radio communication, proposes this high-value-added new cloud-based product in addition to solving these issues to improve vehicle allocation efficiency and support the shift to digitalized taxi radio communication.
FUJITSU TEN released the world's first taxi dispatch system using digital radio communication in August 2003. Until now, we have delivered approximately 530 systems and more than 40,000 pieces of digital radio equipment to taxi companies across Japan and won an industry-leading share of 32% (*1) of the cumulative amount of digital radio equipment for taxi.

Major System Configuration

Cloud center Major equipment to be prepared by taxi company
Taxi dispatch center
(PC for receiving orders/
vehicle dispatch)
(In-vehicle equipment)
Cloud center
The photo is an image.
PC for receiving orders In-vehicle equipment
(Note) In-vehicle equipment made by FUJITSU TEN and PC made by FUJITSU are required to be used.
(Note) For building a system, a wireless base station, etc. may be required.
(Note)Products sold in Japan

Main Features of the “FUJITSU TEN cloud-based taxi dispatch system”

1. Available for Use with Minimum Cost and Equipment

Drastic reduction of initial cost
The use of the cloud service is possible with a PC connected to the Internet and minimum devices. The installation of a dedicated server is no longer required, initial investment can be reduced, and the effective use of space is possible.

2. Reliable Maintenance System

Rapid solving of failures with a 24-h maintenance system
Taxi companies and the robust cloud center are connected via the Internet connection.
The taxi dispatch system can be used with confidence because system troubles, which may arise at the worst, are solved in a timely manner with a reliable maintenance system.
Server administrator or database management is not required
Servers or databases required for the dispatch system are built and managed collectively in the cloud center. Troublesome system maintenance such as regular server restarts and the setting of a server administrator can be eliminated.

3. Information Is Kept Updated

Up-to-date software is always available
The latest dispatch software is provided in the cloud. Troublesome version-upgrading work, etc. is not required.

Latest-version maps are available
The map database used by the dispatch center of the taxi company is updated automatically in the cloud center, and so dispatching taxis using the latest data can be implemented.
(Note) The frequency of updates is irregular. The information is updated for each area where changes occur.
(Note) It is also possible to directly install the map data to the PC and use it at the dispatch center.

4. Deliberate Vehicle Placement and Efficient Taxi Cruising for customers by Linking to Big Data

(This service is scheduled to roll out starting around autumn 2015)
By using the cloud service "SPATIOWL" of FUJITSU, it is possible to link big data for various location-based data includig weather information, railway operation information, and event information. This service analyzes and provides information useful for predicting taxi demand and facilitates deliberate vehicle placement and efficient cruising of taxis.

What is Future Link™

It is the concept of in-vehicle information devices and services that offers the new mobility life by linking data from people, vehicles, and society.
FUJITSU TEN aims to provide new values matching individual customers through our service by linking data on "people" such as individual driving characteristics, data on "vehicles" obtained from in-vehicle devices and various sensors with consideration for the surrounding environment, and data on "society" such as infrastructure and the Internet.


It is the service by FUJITSU that utilizes a large amount of location-based data gathered from probe information sent from running vehicles (*2), information on people and facilities, sensor information, and Internet information, etc. to provide a new value.


FUJITSU TEN LIMITED, established in 1972 with investment from FUJITSU LIMITED and with additional investment from Toyota Motor Corporation and DENSO Corporation in 1973, is a leading manufacturer of automotive electronic equipment.
It is a globally-recognized manufacturer of car navigation and audio systems, ECU for engine and airbag control, millimeter wave radar, mobile communication equipment and so on. It is expanding its business globally by fulfilling orders for genuine products for Toyota and other automobile manufactures both domestically and overseas. Consolidated sales totaled 329.7 billion yen for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2015.

For more information about the Group and its businesses, please visit website at http://www.fujitsu-ten.com/
FUJITSU TEN channel   https://www.youtube.com/FUJITSUTENLIMITED
FUJITSU TEN facebook   http://www.facebook.com/FUJITSUTENLIMITED


*1   As of March 2015, checked by FUJITSU TEN

*2  Probe information
This is the information about speed and location, etc. gathered from actual running vehicles considering the vehicle as a moving sensor.


・Future Link is the registered trademark of FUJITSU TEN LIMITED.
・Proper names such as the product names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.

The contents of a press release are as of the publication. Later, they are apt to be changed without notice. Thank you for understanding in advance.

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