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ECLIPSE Home Audio Systems
Wireless music reproduction via an Android™ Device and new, updated functions added to "TD-M1", rated as Top Speaker System in both domestic and overseas specialist publications

November. 13, 2014

TD-M1 and Android Application

Wireless speaker system "TD-M1" and "ECLIPSE TD Remote for Android" Application Operation Image

FUJITSU TEN LIMITED will release the "ECLIPSE TD Remote for Android" application (free of charge) for the "TD-M1" home audio wireless speaker system, on Google Play™ on December 12th. Until now, only wireless music streaming via "AirPlay" has been available for the TD-M1, with remote control functionality supported via the "TD Remote" application, exclusive only to iOS devices. This new application will allow these functions to also be enjoyed by the growing number of Android smartphone users around the world.

On the same day, the latest version of "TD-M1" software will be released on the "ECLIPSE Home Audio Systems" website (http://www.eclipse-td.net/). This update brings enhancements to the auto standby and auto power functions, allowing a "TD-M1" system connected to a television by analogue AUX jacks to be powered on/off automatically, together with the television.

Since its release in February 2014, the "TD-M1" system has been recognised for having the world's top-level "accurate sound" and ease-of-use that allows enjoyment even without technical know-how. It has received many glowing reviews both domestically and from overseas, including the United Kingdom, the birthplace of the audio speaker.

The Best Coverage from the United Kingdom

  • Haymarket Publishing LTD      WHAT HI★FI? SOUND AND VISION "Stars of CES 2014"
  • Future Publishing Limited      Mac Format September 2014 issue "5 Stars (highest rating)"
  • MyTimeMedia Ltd      HiFi Choice November 2014 issue "5 Stars (highest rating)"


Main Specifications for ECLIPSE TD Remote for Android

Function Descriptions
Music selection Displays a list of music on the Android device by genre, artist, album, or song
Music player TD-M1 streaming play/stop, track up/down
Remote control TD-M1 power on/off, source selection, volume adjustment, mute
Speaker settings TD-M1 functions (dimmer, auto standby, digital filter)

Supported OS Operation tested devices
Android 4.0 or later Smartphones FUJITSU/ARROWS NX F-05F
Google/Nexus 5
Google/Nexus 7
* Supported languages: Japanese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (same as for iOS applications)

TD-M1 version update (added functions)

Support for iPad landscape view Before update: Only portrait view supported,
After update: Both portrait and landscape views supported
Auto standby time setting Before update: OFF/30/60 (minutes) (3 settings)
After update: OFF/1/3/10/30/60 (minutes) (6 settings)
Support for auto power Before update: Only AirPlay and USB (type A) sources supported auto power.
After update: All sources support auto power.


Good Design Award Received

The "TD-M1" system won the Good Design Award 2014 from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.
[Evaluation comments from judges]
"Basically, when judging audio equipment that includes speakers, we make our determination by listening to the actual sound produced. These speakers demonstrate World's Top-Class Accurate Sound. The introduction of wireless functionality in this latest model has improved mobility even further, resulting in an evolution that exhibits an extremely high degree of perfection."

Trademark Information

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