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World First

Emergency call system with FUJITSU TEN-provided Telematics Control Unit successfully demonstrated in Europe and Russia simultaneously

July. 14, 2014

Telematics Control Unit Showing the demonstration results of both
Telematics Control Unit for "eCall"(Left back) and
"ERA-GLONASS"(Right back)
*Two black housings of this side are emergency buttons.
Showing the demonstration results of both "eCall" and
"ERA-GLONASS" by two displays

Developer of ECLIPSE car navigation brand and advanced safety systems, FUJITSU TEN LIMITED provided an emergency call specification Telematics Control Unit (TCU)*1 for the emergency call system live demonstration (supported by GLONASS UNION*2, VTT, Gemalto and FUJITSU TEN) at the ITS European Congress 2014 venue in Helsinki (Organizer: ERTICO*3, June 16 to 19 local time).
To demonstrate the interchangeability between the European eCall*4 system and the Russian ERA-GLONASS*5 system, demonstrations were carried out simultaneously in Europe and Russia for the first time in the world.

To help mitigate the consequences of serious road accidents, the European Commission (EC) has adopted a proposal for a regulation concerning a type-approval requirement for deployment of the eCall system. In Russia, a technical regulation on wheeled-vehicle safety with ERA-GLONASS has been adopted and will come into force in 2015; GSM*6, which is the mobile communication standard in Europe, is to be adopted as the wireless communication standard. In order to enforce eCall-related standards, a pre-deployment pilot project (HeERO*7) has been promoted aggressively in European countries since 2011. We have participated in this project since 2013. These demonstration and interoperability tests are a part of HeERO's activities.

The demonstrations verified that typically a vehicle equipped with ERA-GLONASS initiates an emergency call (eCall) to PSAP in Europe, and likewise that a vehicle equipped with eCall initiates an emergency call (ERA-GLONASS) to PSAP in Russia. Thus, the interoperability between eCall and ERA-GLONASS was confirmed.

Contributions to development of advanced safety systems through the state-of-the-art technologies of telematics

Correspondence to the emergency call system leads to the best opportunity to introduce the telematics service which needs standard installation of the communication device to all vehicles. The telematics service makes it possible to gather and provide information which contributes to improvement of comfort, safety, convenience and satisfaction for the customer and which is a bridge linking people, vehicles and society.

Marcel Visser, Member of the ERTICO Supervisory Board and Director Business Development, Automotive Segment, Gemalto*8

"The first ever simultaneous and live emergency eCall interoperability demonstration at the 2014 European ITS Congress in Helsinki highlights the power of advanced connected car technology to improve road and driver safety."

Evgeni Meilikhov, Development Director, ERA-GLONASS Project, GLONASS Union

"We were glad to demonstrate harmonized operation of ERA-GLONASS and eCall systems together with our partners ERTICO and Fujitsu Ten at the 10th ITS European Congress. Harmonization of standards and technical regulations will facilitate creation of a common safety space in Russia and EU. This will bring us closer to our common goal ? saving lives on the roads."


*1  TCU     Telematics Control Unit

*2  GLONASS UNION     Non-commercial Partnership for Development and Use of Navigation Technologies (GLONASS Union) was established on 21 May 2012 with the goal of development and adoption of GLONASS technology-based products and services in Russia and abroad.

*3  ERTICO     (European Road Transport Telematics Implementation Coordination Organization)
The network of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services stakeholders in Europe.

*4  eCall     A system that, in case of car accident occurrence, IVS (In-vehicle system) installed in the vehicle initiates "112" emergency call automatically or manually to the emergency answering center (PSAP*9) nearest to the accident site, and transmits voice and MSD (Minimum Set of Data) through the GSM network, and thus, aims to improve the lifesaving rate.

*5  ERA-GLONASS     Russian State Automated Information System for emergency response to accidents ensuring real-time acquisition, processing, storage of accident-related information and delivery thereof to emergency response services, state information systems, state authorities, local authorities.

*6  GSM     GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) is the standard of the 2nd generation mobile phone system (2G) realized by FDD-TDMA method. GSM is used in almost all the country other than Japan and Korea and is the standard currently used most among the mobile phone standards. About 2 billion people use it in 212 nations in the world. Although utilization efficiency of the radio wave is inferior to the 3rd generation mobile phone system (3G), low cost is advantage of GSM.

*7  HeERO     The pan-European project that promotes eCall Emergency call system to be mandatory.

*8  Gemalto     Gemalto is a company providing auto grade wireless modules for eCall and solutions in achieving reliable global connectivity across country and network borders. For more information, please visit http://www.gemalto.com/m2m

*9  PSAP     Public Safety Answering Point: Emergency answering center.
The regional lifesaving center which holds ambulances etc. like a fire station.

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