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FUJITSU TEN joins the Open Automotive Alliance™(OAA)

June. 27, 2014

KOBE, Japan-- FUJITSU TEN LIMITED has joined the Open Automotive Alliance™ (OAA). The OAA is a global alliance of technology and auto industry leaders committed to bringing the Android™ to cars starting in 2014. The OAA is dedicated to a common platform that will drive innovation, and make technology in the car safer and more intuitive for everyone.
Android Auto™ which was announced at the Google I/O brings all the apps drivers know and love, through an interface that’s built for driving. After connecting an Android phone to a compatible car, drivers will be able to “project” their experience onto their car’s in-dash display, giving them access to apps and services which have been optimized for the car with voice input and glanceable controls.
We are going to provide the in-vehicle infotainment systems equipped with this function as a product for an automobile manufacturer at the fiscal 2015.

Through this alliance, FUJITSU TEN believes that the ecosystem surrounding in-vehicle infotainment systems and Android devices will expand comfort and convenience for customers. Based on our years of experience developing products in this field, we believe it will lead to improvements in the manufacturing of vehicles.

Notes : Android is a trademark of Google Inc.


FUJITSU TEN LIMITED, established in 1972 with investment from FUJITSU LIMITED and with additional investment from Toyota Motor Corporation and DENSO Corporation in 1973, is a leading manufacturer of automotive electronic equipment.
It is a globally-recognized manufacturer of car navigation and audio systems, ECU for engine and airbag control, and mobile communication equipment, and is involved in the development of systems that use sensor technologies such as cameras and millimeter wave radar to detect obstacles near automobiles.
FUJITSU TEN is expanding its business globally by fulfilling orders for genuine products for TOYOTA and other automobile manufactures both domestically and overseas.

For more information about the Group and its businesses, please visit website at http://www.fujitsu-ten.com/
FUJITSU TEN channel   https://www.youtube.com/FUJITSUTENLIMITED
FUJITSU TEN facebook   http://www.facebook.com/FUJITSUTENLIMITED

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