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ECLIPSE car navigation system, autumn 2013 models
Docodemo Support, the user's manual application for guiding a driver automatically to the expected operation screen
- Easy-to-understand user's guide enables the navigation system easy to use for everyone -

Oct. 8, 2013

FUJITSU TEN LIMITED has started introducing a new application into 3 models of "Z series" as a result of the review of the user's manual with the release of new autumn 2013 models of ECLIPSE car navigation system, AVN (in early November).
Docodemo Support, the application (hereinafter referred to as "app") that automatically guides a driver to the operation screen of an expected function through the connection of a smartphone and a car navigation system via Wi-Fi®, has been released. In addition to this app, our employees who are the beginner users of car navigation system played a central role in reviewing the contents described on a booklet, and the pages by situations in accordance with the usage scenes were additionally provided.
Car navigation systems have become the products that are mounted by many people who purchase a car, and users who are new to the navigation system have been increasing. On the other hand, due to the highly functionalized car navigation systems, the number of inquiries received by the customer service representatives tends to be increasing. In some cases, customers had no choice but to take a long time to understand the functions by the support over the telephone.
Therefore, we analyzed the contents of the inquiries received so far, and reflected the frequently asked operations on the menu of Docodemo Support.
Our aim is to provide a support by which a customer can easily operate the navigation system on the spot when the customer wishes to use a function, and by which the use of car navigation system does not cause stress of driving.
We will continue our efforts to solve the inconvenience of customers by enhancing the quality in both product functions and support system so that customers would enjoy driving using the car navigation system thoroughly without stress.

"Docodemo Support"

Automatic operations

When a driver selects an expected function by connecting the car navigation system to the smartphone in which special app "Docodemo Support" (for free) has been installed, the screens on the car navigation system automatically changes in order to help the driver perform operations.
The contents of the frequently asked questions from customers such as "wish to add / delete the destination," and "wish to change the volume balance" were reflected in the app.


Two employees who have never used a car navigation system before took the lead in optimizing the contents and in reviewing the expressions difficult to understand.
In addition, explanation pages simulating driving scenes were added so that even beginners easily master various functions.

Explanation page simulating driving scenes

Explanation page simulating driving scenes


Wi-Fi is a trademark or registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance.


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FUJITSU TEN is involved in the development of systems that use sensor technologies such as cameras and millimeter wave radar to detect obstacles near automobiles. It is expanding its business globally by fulfilling orders for genuine products for Toyota and other automobile manufactures both domestically and overseas.
The ECLIPSE brand of car navigation and audio products receives high evaluations in various markets throughout the world.

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