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FUJITSU TEN Group Establishes Environmental Mid- to Long-Term Vision
- Contribution to green mobility with development of environmental contribution products -

March. 28, 2013

FUJITSU TEN LIMITED (Head office: Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, President & Representative Director: Takashi Shigematsu, Capital: 5.3 billion yen), that has been providing the car navigation brand, "ECLIPSE" has established the environmental mid- to long-term vision to clarify the medium- and long-term role and goals of FUJITSU TEN Group toward the realization of a sustainable society.
This vision sets three goals for 1. Contributions to customers and society, 2. Pursue internal reforms, 3. Commit to biodiversity, centering on the Fujitsu Group's environmental vision: "Green Policy 2020."
While we will aim to peak out CO2 by 2022 and to reduce by half by 2050 as the goals of reducing our environmental load, we define our mission as "building a better relationship of people with vehicles and the environment", as an automotive related company. Thus, we will promote contributions to green mobility by developing the environmental contribution products such as HV (hybrid vehicle) / EV (electric vehicle) control ECUs(*1).

Background of Establishment

At the G8 Summit held in Toyako in July 2008, a goal of cutting the worldwide greenhouse gas emissions by half by 2050 was shared, and Fujitsu Group established the medium-term environmental vision: "Green Policy 2020" in the same month. While committing to the goal, in order to clarify the mission to which FUJITSU TEN Group can contribute in the automotive industry, we have been promoting examination of the environmental vision friendly to our original business areas. This fiscal year, we have established the environmental vision, in synchronization with the establishment of the enterprise vision 2022.

FUJITSU TEN Group Environmental Medium- and Long-Term Vision


Fundamental principle

We recognize the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by half by 2050 as a social supreme proposition. Toward achieving the goal, along with the reduction of our environmental load, by the development of environmental contribution products and eco-friendly products, we will make our best efforts to do what we can do to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, in collaboration with customers and society.

Our mission

We will contribute to society by building a better relationship among humans, vehicles, and environment.

Environmental Long-Term VISION2050

Numerical target ・Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% compared to fiscal 2011
Qualitative target ・Contribution to reduction of social greenhouse gas emissions by half by the development of environmental contribution products(*2) and energy-saving products
・Contribution to biodiversity conservation
・Contribution to resources-recycling society
・Face out the important environmental challenges facing society.

Environmental Medium-Term VISION2022

Numerical target ・Peak out global greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce domestic emissions by 20% compared to fiscal 2011.
Qualitative target ・Promote the development of environmental contribution products.
・Reduce the environmental load of our products by promoting the Design for Environment based on LCA(*3) in all product lines.
・Understand the extent of the impact of greenhouse gas based on Scope 3(*4), and set a target for global warming countermeasures including the value chain.
・Assess the impact of the biodiversity conservation associated with business activities, and create an improvement plan.
・Promote efforts regarding resource circulation.


*1  ECU (Electronic Control Unit)

*2  Environmental contribution product
A product that can contribute to the reduction of the environmental loads in other products and systems, by the use of the product. In Fujitsu Ten Group, it refers to the product that contributes to automotive energy saving and clean energy, such as HV control ECU, EV control ECU, and engine control ECU.

*3  LCA(Life Cycle Asessment)

*4  Scope 3
New framework for understanding and assessing global warming countermeasures, proposed by WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development). In addition to the emissions from the company itself, its upstream and downstream global warming potentials through the value chain are specified, and those shall be the new subjects of understanding, disclosure, and reduction.


FUJITSU TEN LIMITED, established in 1972 with investment from FUJITSU LIMITED, TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION, and DENSO CORPORATION, is a leading manufacturer of automotive electronic equipment. It is a globally-recognized manufacturer of car navigation and audio systems, ECU for engine and airbag control, and mobile communication equipment. Consolidated sales totaled 249 billion yen(US$3.11 billion) for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012.
FUJITSU TEN is involved in the development of systems that use sensor technologies such as cameras and millimeter wave radar to detect obstacles near automobiles. It is expanding its business globally by fulfilling orders for genuine products for Toyota and other automobile manufactures both domestically and overseas.

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