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FUJITSU TEN Reveals Prototype Development of "HTML5" In-Car Device
-Reference Exhibit for Mobile World Congress 2013,World's Premier Mobile Phone Industry Exhibition-

February. 22, 2013

Exhibit Image

Exhibit Image

FUJITSU TEN LIMITED, that has been providing the car navigation brand, "ECLIPSE" is developing a next-generation in-car device utilizing future Web standard technology, "HTML5"(*1) aiming for early in-car implementation of innovative technology in the IT industry. The prototype model is exhibited in the booth of FUJITSU LIMITED at "Mobile World Congress 2013" that is world's premier mobile phone industry exhibition held at Barcelona, Spain in February 25, 2013 (Mon) to February 28, 2013 (Thurs).

Next-generation WEB standard technology that adoption is in progress for smartphones, tablets and PC is implemented for in-car device

Currently, implementation of Web application using HTML5 is in progress for smartphones, tablets and PC. In-car device industry is also considering adoption of HTML5 in order to incorporate the trend of mobile devices that are progressing rapidly and also to contribute to the improvement of design development efficiency. Our company succeeded in producing the prototype development of in-car application device using HTML5 taking advantage of know-how of over the year’s in-car device development.

Main Functions

  • The latest design and operability of rapidly progressing smartphones and tablets are attained timely in the in-car device
  • Different variations can be easily utilized for cooperated application with automobile-specific peripherals like on-board camera. A specific example is camera utilization service such as augmented reality (AR) navigation.
  • It can be used for remote operation application like operator service, since it can provide easy communication between the in-car device and external terminal.
  • Smart phone functions (phone, e-mail, address book, music, video, pictures, etc.) can be easily utilized from the in-car device (Incorporation with KDDI Corp., KDDI R&B Labs).
  • Utilizing the know-how of in-car device development, the latest and high performance application can be used with safety and security by exploiting vehicle information such as automobile’s speed.

Future Prospects

While observing the market trend and infrastructure maintenance trend, we are planning to go forward with investigation and development toward commercialization of HTML5 in-car device.

Mobile World Congress 2013 Overview

Dates February 25, 2013 (Mon) - February 28, 2013 (Thurs)
Location Barcelona, Spain
Place Fira Gran Via
Host GSMA Limited (*2)
Attendance 70,000 (Estimate)
Exhibitors 1,500 (Estimate)

*1  HTML5 :
Abbreviation of hyper-text markup language. The 5th version of markup language (html) used for statements of Web pages. Based on the specification proposed by WHATWG, the web related technology is standardized. Investigation and standardization in W3C are in progress aiming for formal recommendation in 2014.

*2  GSMA Limited :
Abbreviation of Group Special Mobile Association. It was established in 1995 with a purpose of popularization of 2G communication system. It is the largest association in the mobile wireless industry in which 1000 companies or more (800 or more mobile phone companies) from 219 countries are currently participating.


FUJITSU TEN LIMITED, established in 1972 with investment from FUJITSU LIMITED, TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION, and DENSO CORPORATION, is a leading manufacturer of automotive electronic equipment. It is a globally-recognized manufacturer of car navigation and audio systems, ECU for engine and airbag control, and mobile communication equipment. Consolidated sales totaled 249 billion yen (US$3.11 billion) for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012.
FUJITSU TEN is involved in the development of systems that use sensor technologies such as cameras and millimeter wave radar to detect obstacles near automobiles. It is expanding its business globally by fulfilling orders for genuine products for Toyota and other automobile manufactures both domestically and overseas.
For more information, please go to our websites:
FUJITSU TEN official site   http://www.fujitsu-ten.com/
FUJITSU TEN channel   https://www.youtube.com/FUJITSUTENLIMITED
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