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FUJITSU TEN Developing an Automatic Evaluation System for
On-Board Multimedia Product Functions
-Efficient Software Testing and Improved Reliability in Quality-

November. 17, 2011

FUJITSU TEN LIMITED, developer of the ECLIPSE car navigation brand, has developed a system on its own that automatically evaluates for defects the software for car navigation products, audio products, and hybrid products during development. FUJITSU TEN is currently using this evaluation system for the development of its own products.
The automation of exploding software testing allows FUJITSU TEN to concentrate its resources on the evaluation of important functions and the improvement of test precision through mechanization, which will lead to further reliability in product quality.
Regarding test precision, for example, it has been shown that defect reproducibility that required 3,000 attempts manually can now be achieved in 70 attempts. In FY2011, FUJITSU TEN will aim to reduce the time spent on evaluations by 3,000 hours, shift personnel to the evaluation of important functions, and improve overall quality for all evaluation testing.
Currently, FUJITSU TEN is moving forward with the development of a low-cost model with less functions as well as an advanced-function model that accurately reproduces the power supply characteristics in automobiles, with the goal of having both models operational within the year.

Development Background

FUJITSU TEN provides automotive products with particular emphasis upon quality as part of its corporate philosophy. Car navigation and car audio systems utilize a wide variety of external media formats, and are becoming increasingly advanced and complex each year with the current explosion in software development. In order to ensure product quality, it is important to perform evaluations faster and with greater precision. Since there is a limit to the precision and time that can be spent to perform such work manually, FUJITSU TEN developed an automatic evaluation system that repeats the same operations over long periods of time.

Automatic Evaluation System for On-Board Multimedia Product Functions

The stages in the commercialization of a product include design, trial production, and manufacture.
During this process, evaluation testing for software is divided into three major steps during the design and trial production stages:
(1) Parts/module testing, (2) Integrated testing, and (3) Complete installation system testing This system is a tool for performing evaluations at stage 3. Test items that simulate actual condition are performed automatically, and the product is judged automatically with "video" and "audio". The goal is to improve not only the quality of the product specifications, but also the precision of evaluations as seen from the customer's perspective.
This system can connect to a network, allowing remote control via the Internet. Therefore, products designed and developed in Japan can be easily evaluated at overseas locations, eliminating the time and cost required for delivery and export procedures. In the future, it will also be possible for design and development performed overseas to be evaluated via the Internet from Japan or other locations. This will allow accumulation of know-how in order for the level of quality achieved in Japan to be achieved overseas.

System Outline

System Outline
System Outline

Main Features

Repeated evaluations

Evaluations are repeated easily and automatically 1,000 or even 10,000 times, a feat simply not possible when performed manually.

Continuous operation

Continuous operation allows 24-hour operation even during the night and holidays.

Faster than humans, with less mistakes

Operations are transmitted by electric signals, for much faster performance than is possible by humans. In addition, the absence of "human variables" and mistakes means that any defects present are discovered.

Network compatibility

Products can be evaluated via the Internet at other evaluation locations around the world.

Superior reproducibility

When a defect occurs, it is captured retroactively by both video and audio. The defect can then be reproduced easily by repeating the evaluation scenario.

Accurate estimate of testing time

When creating the scenario for the evaluation to be tested, an estimate of the time required for the evaluation is calculated so that an efficient test plan can be developed.


FUJITSU TEN LIMITED operates worldwide businesses including car audio, car navigation systems, home audio, and automotive electronics devices including engine and air bag control, ECU etc. FUJITSU TEN delivers original products for Toyota Motor Corporation and other domestic and overseas automotive manufacturers.

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