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FUJITSU TEN releases "AVN827GA" navigation system for Australian market
-High-quality, Easy-to-use, Connectivity: ECLIPSE delivers the ALL NEW AVN827GA-

Aug. 3, 2011


From mid-August 2011, FUJITSU TEN will release the AVN827GA, an audio- visual (AV) integrated memory card navigation system from its ECLIPSE car navigation brand onto the Australian market.

In 2011 ECLIPSE Australia celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary in the Australian car audio & navigation market.

ECLIPSE has been integral to the growth of the incar navigation markets since its introduction with the AVN6000 in 2006. The AVN6000 introduced Australia to the all new "market first" AVN system - Integrated Audio Visual and Navigation.

Since 2006, the market for AV integrated type navigation systems has grown significantly and are now among FUJITSU TEN's core line-up.

Aiming to expand the navigation market, FUJITSU TEN is now launching a multifunctional AV integrated navigation system based on : "High Quality", "Ease of Use" and "Connectivity".

High picture quality and large screen for viewing of DVDs and other media -High Quality"

The AVN827GA incorporates a 7-inch screen that integrates into the vehicles console. The AVN827GA displays crisp, easy-to-view bright visuals due to digital technology in its display circuits, letting you enjoy DVDs and other media on an attractive large screen.

Voice control for safe driving -"Ease of Use"

After recognising the driver'Hs voice, the AVN827GA allows the driver to do a destination search by saying the destination or choose a song from an iPod or USB.
These operations can be done hands-free without taking your eyes off the road while driving, which supports the driver's safety.

Split-screen map and audio source displays -"Ease of Use"

Split-screen displays of maps and audio sources can be understood at a glance and give a layout that is easier for operation.
This makes car navigation simple for anyone to operate.

Reads SMS and e-mail aloud for you to listen in real time while driving -"Connectivity"

With built-in Bluetooth®, the AVN827GA enables hands-free calling and can also read SMS messages, e-mails and other messages aloud.
No fluster when you get a sudden call or e-mail while driving-you can hear it read aloud in real time.
Rest assured-you won't miss any messages.
   * The feature will only work if your mobile phone has HFP (Hands Free Profile) and MAP (Message Access Profile)

Other Features

Live Traffic Updates

The AVN827GA is Suna Traffic enabled. SUNA GPS Traffic Updates™provides real-time traffic information directly to your navigation system. With this incredible knowledge of near real-time road conditions, the AVN827GA warns you of problems ahead, and recommend routes that minimise congestion.

Off- Road Map built In

Equipped with off-road maps, enabling guidance on unpaved roads that a 4WD vehicle can travel

Built in OEM Steering Wheel Control

With built in SWC capability, the AVN827GA does not require an additional third party adaptor to interface with your OEM SWC functions.

Media Support

Playback of a wide array of media (CD/DVD-Video/ DivX®/iPod(*1)/iPhone(*1)/USB/Bluetooth-Audio)

Vehicle Speed Sensor connection

For improved accuracy the AVN827GA has the capability of using signals from satellites with vehicle speed pulses and a gyroscope to measure the direction and inclination of the car the determine the exact location with high precision. This is extremely beneficial for driving in tunnels where GPS signals alone do not reach.

Navigation functions

(3D city maps, green routes(*2), highway junction views(*3), and more)

Rear View Camera compatible

*1: iPC-111 (accessory) is required for iPod/iPhone connection.

*2:Function that can search for routes that reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

*3:Function that displays realistic enlarged graphics of highway junctions.

Model name Release date Price
AVN827GA Mid-August 2011 A$2199

FUJITSU TEN LIMITED operates worldwide businesses including car audio, car navigation systems, home audio, and automotive electronics devices including engine and air bag control, ECU etc. FUJITSU TEN delivers original products for Toyota Motor Corporation and other domestic and overseas automotive manufacturers.

・The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
・SUNA GPS Traffic Updates™is a registered trademark of Intelematics Australia Pty Ltd.
・DivX® is a registered trademark of DivX, Inc.
・iPod and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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