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On Exhibit at the 17th ITS World Congress, Busan 2010
-Displayed Products include Multi-Angle Vision™ and Newest Millimeter-Wave Radar-

Oct. 19, 2010

FUJITSU Group booth image

FUJITSU TEN LIMITED (Head office: Kobe City, Hyogo, Japan; President & Representative Director: Takashi Shigematsu, Capital: ¥5.3 billion) will be presenting a FUJITSU Group booth at the 17th ITS World Congress, Busan 2010, to be held in Busan, South Korea, from Oct. 25 (Mon.) to 29 (Fri.).
The theme of the booth is "Linking Humans, Cars and Society in a Next-Generation Transportation System that is Considerate to the Environment”.

FUJITSU TEN will be exhibiting various new products that fuse car electronics and ICT (Information Communication Technology) such as the Multi-Angle Vision™ , the world's first system* that supports safe driving by displaying a three-dimensional bird's-eye view from various perspectives around the vehicle, and our Millimeter-Wave Radar that measures the distances, angles and relative speeds of vehicles that are up ahead.

[Overview of Exhibited Products]

Safety/Security Corner
⚫Multi-Angle Vision™ : The world's first* peripheral monitoring system that displays a three-dimensional bird's-eye view from various perspectives around the vehicle.

Multi-Angle Vision

This system generates three-dimensional composite CG images of a vehicle and the area around the vehicle to conduct real-time high-speed computing of vehicle peripheral images taken by four cameras attached to the front, rear, left and right sides of the vehicle. By displaying bird's-eye images on the car navigation or similar display, driver visibility is assisted over a wider range, thereby supporting safe driving when reversing the vehicle in parking situations or when making right and left turns at intersections with poor visibility. This product was realized by combining FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD. image processing technology, FUJITSU SEMICONDUCTORS LTD. in-vehicle image processing LSI technology, FUJITSU TEN automotive HMI (Human Machine Interface) technology and vehicle mounting technology.

⚫ 76-GHz Band Millimeter Wave Radar (Sample Display): Compact, low-priced and improved functions

76-GHz Band Millimeter Wave Radar

This device uses radio wave transmission to measure separation distances, angles and relative speeds of vehicles up ahead. By interlinking with collision prediction warning and brake systems, it can serve to reduce damage in case of a collision.
On display at this exhibition is a sample of a newly developed model that provides improved functions in a more compact size (less than one-half of our current model) and at a lower cost.

⚫ ECLIPSE AVN7500: Integrated navigation unit providing voice guidance for even the smallest streets


This unit contains regulation information (such as one-way street information) for narrow roads with a width of less than 5.5 m. It provides expanded intersection maps and voice guidance ("Your destination is on the right.") even for narrow streets leading to your destination. Additionally, maps can be updated using one's own personal computer by accessing a specialized site and downloading the map data onto an SD card that is then inserted into the navigation unit. This eliminates the need to waste time going into a dealership to receive updated data.

Environmental Corner

⚫ OBVIOUS Recorder G300 Series Drive Recorder

OBVIOUS Recorder G300 Series Drive Recorder

A drive recorder records images of conditions surrounding the vehicle using an on-board camera to record images and sounds for some tens of seconds before and after an accident, when one occurs, in order to capture conditions such as the impact and sudden braking. Utilizing eco-safe driving support software developed independently by FUJITSU TEN, the system performs a comprehensive determination of factors such as extended idling, excessive speed, and acceleration counts and time in order to display a readily understandable "Eco Driving Rate". This system contributes not only to improving the driving level of drivers, but also improves to fostering a driving consciousness that is considerate of environmental conservation.

[Overview of 17th ITS World Congress, Busan 2010]

1. Exhibit Dates Oct. 25 (Mon.) to 29 (Fri.), 2010 (Exhibition area open from Oct. 26 (Tues.))
2. Location BEXCO (Busan Exhibition Convention Center), Busan (#43 APEC Rd, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea)
3. FUJITSU TEN exhibit hall Hall 2, Booth A-16

*According to this FUJITSU TEN survey as of April 2010

[Inquiries from the press]
TEL: +81-78-682-2170

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