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Development of Vehicle-Mounted 76-GHz Millimeter Wave Radar:
Compact, low-priced and improved functions
-Sample Display at ITS World Congress, Busan 2010-

Oct. 19, 2010

New 76-GHz Millimeter Wave Rada

FUJITSU TEN LIMITED (Head office: Kobe City, Hyogo, Japan; President & Representative Director: Takashi Shigematsu, Capital: ¥5.3 billion) has developed a Vehicle-Mounted 76-GHz Millimeter Wave Radar that provides improved functions in a more compact size and a lower cost. In addition to the various improvements, FUJITSU TEN aims to start supplying the unit to automobile manufacturers at the beginning of 2013. This product will also be on display at exhibition of the ITS World Congress, Busan 2010 (Oct. 25 (Mon.) to 29 (Fri.)).

FUJITSU TEN has been supplying millimeter wave radar components for frontward, rearward and front-sideward detection usage to a large number of automobile manufacturers since 2003.

This unit utilizes sensors to measure the separation distances, angles and relative speeds of vehicle up ahead. With this newly developed model, a more compact size, lower cost and more advanced functions were realized in correspondence with the expansion of the market for such products.
The commercialization of this radar allows for advanced safety and convenience systems, which had previously only been common in luxury cars, to spread more rapidly to a large variety of models such as compact cars and trucks.

[Development Key Points]

1.Compact and lower cost

Size: Less than one-half the size of our current model

This is the first time that FUJITSU TEN has adopted an electronic scanning system for front radar, and at the same time achieved a simpler structure. The amount of parts used was greatly reduced to provide a volume ratio half that of our current model. This also allowed us to achieve a lower cost.

2. Improved Functions

Detection angle range: More than twice our current model

This unit adopts the high-resolution direction detection system, uniquely developed in conjunction with FUJITSU LABORATORIES*1. This technology provides an expanded detection angle range as well as high horizontal separation capability*2.

First adoption at FUJITSU TEN of our AUTOSAR*3 as the software platform

The application software for the radar internal control and alarm system can be easily introduced into the unit. Elimination of the need for an additional separate ECU (Electronic Control Unit)provides space savings and reduces overall system cost.

[About Millimeter Wave Radar]

The Millimeter Wave Radar uses radio wave transmission to measure the separation distances, angles and relative speed of surrounding vehicles, making it important as a key device in advanced safety and convenience systems.
   FUJITSU TEN's 60-GHz Band Millimeter Wave Radar was the first in the world*4 to be used for a practical application when it was equipped to a dump truck in 1997..Since commercializing a frontward 76-GHz Millimeter Wave Radar for passenger vehicles in 2003, FUJITSU TEN has continued to commercialize various rearward and front-sideward units. These Millimeter Wave Radar units are an addition to other safety system that have already been adopted by a great number of automobile manufacturers such as the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system that controls following distance so as to provide a safe amount of separation with vehicles up ahead, and the Collision Mitigation System (CMS) that reduces damage in case of a collision by predicting an impact, and providing alarms and active braking

   (Head office: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Pref.; President & Representative Director: Tatsuo Tomita)

*2:This refers to the capability to identify vehicles travelling ahead of one's own vehicle within the same lane as well as vehicles in lanes to the left and right.

*3:Automotive Open System Architecture. A consortium involved in standardizing on-board electronic devices and software.

*4:According to FUJITSU TEN survey as of Aug. 1997.

[Inquiries from the press]
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