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2010 President's New Year Message

Jan. 1, 2010

President and Representative Director,Keijiro KATSUMARU

Happy New Year. I would like to gratefully express the greeting to mark the New Year.

  2009 was a year of massive changes and reforms in various aspects. As for our automobile sector, due to the effects of the economic crisis which originated out of the Lehman shock, the industry struggled.
  However, we embarked on a constitution capable of responding to change in these harsh circumstances. In our respective positions and fields, we have boldly challenged efficiency improvement, cost cutting and activities for securing and expanding sales, etc.
  As a result, we managed to remedy the situation enough so that we can now anticipate a profitable year overall.

2010 - A year for taking the first step firmly with the future in mind

  This year, I want to take concrete steps towards making that future.
  Automobiles are now on the brink of major reform. The automotive engine is converting from gasoline to hybrid and electric motors, and automobiles are starting to evolve to one part of a social system connected to the infrastructure; a new social system in which cars are expected to create new value.
  Also, as was typified by China's emergence as the world's top car producing nation, the core of the market is definitely shifting from the advanced nations to the emerging nations and construction of automobile-oriented societies is advancing according to conditions in each respective area.

1. Provision of good quality, low price products
  Now we are witnessing that the values demanded by customers diversify according to purposes or regions. In order to meet various needs, I think it is necessary to build a global platform which will enable us to compete throughout the world on all fronts of quality, cost and delivery.

2. Building of Systems for Connecting Cars, People and Society
Our second issue concerns the construction of a business model for establishing social systems in harmony with infrastructure. For this purpose, we need to accelerate collaboration with the FUJITSU Group and Toyota Group and promote cooperation with network-related enterprises too.

3. Reform of Business Structure in Emerging and Existing Markets
The third issue we face concerns the regional one, “reform of our business structure in emerging and existing markets.” In particular, concerning China whose economy is growing remarkably and North America which has big market size, it is necessary to greatly change our planning, development, procurement, production, retailing and service setups according to market conditions.

Bold and Rapid Action

  Another Another important challenge we face is speed. While it is highly important to carefully discern direction, a single day's delay in making a decision can have massive consequences later on. I hope 2010 will be a year in which we strive to implement various actions so that we can respond with greater flexibility and speed to situations in all areas.

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