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First Delivery to Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. as Standard Equipment
-”Radio Antenna Amplifiers” on All Models in “All-New LEGACY Series”-

Jun. 9, 2009

Radio antenna amplifier, Terrestrial Digital TV antenna amplifier

(Top) Radio antenna amplifier
(Bottom) Terrestrial Digital TV antenna amplifier

June 9, 2009 -- FUJITSU TEN LIMITED, manufacturer of leading automotive electronics, announced that its “radio antenna amplifiers" and “terrestrial digital TV antenna amplifiers” were delivered for “All-New LEGACY series,” of which launch had been announced by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. on May 20, 2009.

The “radio antenna amplifiers" are installed as standard equipment on all models in the series manufactured in Japan and North America and are rolled out worldwide. The “terrestrial digital TV antenna amplifiers” are installed on the models with car navigation system (as manufacturer's option) sold in Japan. This is the first time for FUJITSU TEN to supply Fuji Heavy Industries with its products to be installed as standard equipment.

An antenna amplifier is a device for improving radio reception performance by amplifying the signals.

FUJITSU TEN believes that the reasons for the adoption of its amplifiers by Fuji Heavy Industries lie in the recognition of (1) FUJITSU TEN strength in radio reception technology on moving vehicles, developed since 1955 when it first delivered its car radios to a Japanese car manufacture, (2) its record as a supplier of car radios, cassette decks, CD decks, TVs, car navigation systems and other car AV devices with cutting-edge technologies to many car manufacturers, (3) its worldwide production, supply and customer service system, etc.

On the occasion of this adoption, FUJITSU TEN continues constructive activities to meets expectations of Fuji Heavy Industries.


FUJITSU TEN LIMITED operates worldwide businesses of “Infotainment devices” including car audio and car navigation system, and “Automotive electronics devices” including engine and air bag control ECU and etc. FUJITSU TEN delivers genuine products for Toyota Motor Corporation and other domestic and overseas automotive manufacturers. Marketed commodities, known by the brand name of “ECLIPSE”, are sold and popular in various countries.
For more information, please see: http://www.fujitsu-ten.com/

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