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2009 President's New Year Message

President and Representative Director, Keijiro KATSUMARU

President and Representative Director, Keijiro KATSUMARU

A Happy New Year. I hope this year brings you happiness.

FUJITSU TEN has steadily expanded its business in the last few year and sales/profit in the first half of FY 2008 set a new record.
However, the world economy has drastically changed during the recent few month, so that we are now facing the serious situation where the market is suddenly shrinking. Even in emerging countries that have grown steadily, the economic situation has rapidly deteriorated.
The current economic situation is considered as the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. We are also in the critical phase that is the harshest we have never experienced before.

Suffering in 2009 but definite recover in the future

Now, the car market is tend to shrink. However, the technology ensuring safety/reliability and protecting the global environment is demanded more and more, and many regions in the world have yet to receive the benefit of car's convenience. Therefore, we believe that there will be more chances the market grows.
I think now is the time when we must improve the basis of our company coping with environmental changes, and also work on to make a leap to the future, not to miss such chances.

For improve the basis of our company

- Restructuring of works
· Efficient development/production/business
· Epoch-making cost down
- Increasing order/sales (Strengthening our effort in growing sectors)
· Combine/evolve the sensing technology and IT to provide more total solutions.
- Quality achievement
· Carry out thoroughly he activity to “complete one's task in one's process”

For the leap in the future

In order to contribute for producing economical/safe/reliable/eco-friendly cars, we work on to develop new technology/system and construct new business model. We have advanced technology necessary for electronics/IT/communication. Utilizing such technology, we'll get over this severe situation and prepare for recovery.

Opportunity to reform

This is an opportunity to reform the priority of our tasks, procedures of our work, and element of our work. We will strive various reforms for our future.
I hope that I'll receive encouragement from you. Thank you.

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