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December 15, 2008
ECLIPSE Masterclass to be Held Jointly with Osaka University

   On Friday December 19, FUJITSU TEN LIMITED (Head Office in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, President & Representative Director Keijiro Katsumaru, stock capital 5.3 billion yen) will hold, jointly with Osaka University, an ECLIPSE Masterclass “Strings permeate Chords” at the Keizo Saji Memorial Hall of the Osaka University Nakanoshima Center.

  The “ECLIPSE Masterclass” is a global concept that connects youth communities through music, art and audio technology. It is presented jointly by university students, musicians, artists, sound engineers and FUJITSU TEN. FUJITSU TEN provides students with the opportunity to experience a live performance by world-renowned specialists, and to engage in a question and answer session with them. As these Masterclasses are produced collaboratively from the planning stage through to implementation, we hope that the students will gain invaluable knowledge from their participation.

Flier designed by students
Flier designed by students   

   The concept of the Masterclass entitled “Strings permeate Chords,” to be held at Osaka University is to bring together Eastern and Western musical cultures, in the form of a collaboration between the Shamisen and the violin. As the instructors for this Masterclass, we welcome the Shamisen players Master Rokunobu Kineya and Nobuzo Kineya and the violinist, Maestro Francesco D’Orazio, all of whom are globally active in their respective fields. Their performances on the day will be supported using FUJITSU TEN’S ECLIPSE "TD712z" speaker systems, which are able to reproduce original sounds faithfully.

   The manufacture and sale of car audio-visual equipment and home audio is a principal business of FUJITSU TEN. As an enterprise involved with sounds, we devote time and effort to supporting various kinds of musical events, which includes organizing and sponsoring concerts, under our concept of “Contributing to society through sound”. By implementing music creation activities on a global level that link people to society through the universal languages of “sound and music”, we are helping to build an enriched society.

【Outline of the “Strings permeate Chords” ECLIPSE Masterclass】
Date and time Friday December 19, 2008 2:30 to 4:00 p.m
Place Keizo Saji Memorial Hall, Osaka University Nakanoshima Center
Instructors Rokunobu Kineya (first shamisen), Nobuzo Kineya (second shamisen),
Francesco D’Orazio (violin)
Content Shamisen and violin performances, followed by open discussion
Target audience University students, responding to Osaka University students’ encouragement to attend
Co-organizers Osaka University and FUJITSU TEN LIMITED

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