Press Release
Jan. 5, 2008

Latest Audiophile CD Tuner Selected by
Consumer Electronics Association as One of the Best New Products for 2008
CD7200 mkII

"CD7200 mkII"

Las Vegas, NV (January 5, 2008) . The CD7200 mkII was selected as an “Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Award Honoree” for In-Vehicle Audio Product Category. This product, designed for superior sound quality, incorporates audiophile build features including a copper-plated chassis to isolate the unit from electrical interference and noise and gold-plated connectors. Because the CD7200 mkII is a dedicated component, there is no power amplifier section. The high 8V preamp output ensures obtaining the best dynamics with the least noise for any high-performance power amplifier.

Audio features include speaker time-alignment, crossover settings, a 7-band parametric EQ, non-fader level/phase control and more. The CD7200 mkII offers expansion with full onscreen control over a connected iPod® (*1) and a USB connector for MP3 and WMA files. A high-quality 24-bit DSP is used for all signal processing. The CD7200 mkII also has Bluetooth® wireless technology built-in as standard and can connect with SIRIUS or XM satellite radio with optional interfaces. Setting detailed audio parameters is easy as the CD7200 mkII incorporates E-iSERV. The user conducts all parameter assignments online by accessing E-iSERV where parameters are optimized for the user’s own car, then downloaded and input back into the CD7200 mkII. Circle Surround II technology, licensed from SRS labs, allows music to be enjoyed in surround sound. A motorized, detachable face adds security.

“We knew that the CD7200 mkII’s significant combination of features and technology would draw the attention of high-end users, but this award from the Innovations judges reaffirms that our advances in sound quality superiority are important to a larger audience as well,” said Michael West, marketing director at ECLIPSE. “This particular combination of 8-volt preamp output, E-iSERV technology and SRS Circle Surround cannot be found on any other brand and we believe it will push the envelope for CD multi-source tuners in 2008.”

New CD3200 and CD1200 Receivers

The CD3200 and CD1200 are two new CD Receivers that are being introduced at the same time as the CD7200 mkII. The mid-positioned CD3200 includes a MOSFET 50W . 4 channel power amplifier section and features built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology, full iPod® control(*1), a USB connection, and is satellite broadcast-ready. The CD1200 achieves a high audio performance level with a straightforward feature set that includes a 40W . 4 channel output, direct iPod® connection(*2) and USB connection.

(*1) : requires optional interfaces.
(*2) : iPod® video is unsupported.

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