President and Representative Director, Keijiro KATSUMARU
2008 President's New Year Message
  Happy New Year. I hope that you met the beginning of 2008 in joy and good health.

 FUJITSU TEN placed 2007 "the year of the first step for leap", we have worked on various problems to strengthen our position considering further growth. As a result, the consolidates net sales will reach 350 billion yen soon, exceeding the projection of Vision 2012 (devised 2002 OCT.25).
  But we reminded last year that it is important to strengthen our position in any cases.

    Aiming to be an excellent company, we would like to challenge continuously to work on what goes ahead of customer's expectation in 2008.

    Reviewing last year's automotive industries, fuel-economy cars are demanded world wide further more because of the rise of oil price. In Japan, there are huge changes reflecting the future car-society, such as the spread of terrestrial digital broadcasting systems activating the related market, the rise of Personal Navigation Devices (PND) and the cooperation of rival manufacturers with consumer electronics and device manufacturers and etc. In the world wide view, the price competition getting severe, the restriction of ecology and safety is tending to be strict more and more.

   Under such circumstances, we would like to place 2008 as "the year to open the door for the future", and work on such most important problems as "technical innovation", "quality" and "human resources".

    <Technical innovation: developing a kind technology>
     ・Gentle technology for people
        Develop comfortable and gentle technology easy to use, anyone can use, not dangerous in case used wrong,         able to use with joy and etc.

     ・Economic and gentle for ecology
        Take the way different from conventional ones and to materialize economic, compact and environmental 

    <Quality: For commanding quality by improving performance of each person and process >
        Seek the best quality evaluated as No.1 by customers and the corporate philosophy of "the highest quality".

    <Human resources: Improving the power of workplace with adjusting vector and teamwork >
        communicate much more between each function/group, boss and subordinate, senior and junior,
        and colleagues.

   Meanwhile Japanese market got matured, rising nations' market are rapidly growing, as wee see outstanding changes of global market. Needs of "keeping safety and security" and "environmental protection" is increasing remarkably. FUJITSU TEN is going to conform such current promptly, construct the best system to make production and sales efficient.

   In 2008, we would take the attitude that "we will work with the utmost sincerity to support our customers and contribute to society", which is our corporate philosophy since established, and we are going to work on various reformation and KAIZEN (improvement) all out.

   I hope that I will receive encouragement from you. Thank you.