Press Release
Oct. 22, 2007
ECLIPSE "KEITAI-Link (Mobile Phone-Linked) AVN"(*1)
Joins Partnership with Yahoo!Maps

- Mobile Phone Linked-AVN becomes even more convenient with use of Yahoo!Maps' " Scrolling map application "(*2) -
  FUJITSU TEN LIMITED (Headquarters: Kobe, Japan, President: Keijiro Katsumaru, Capital: 5.3 billion yen), in collaboration with Yahoo Japan Corporation (referred to hereafter as "Yahoo! JAPAN"), announced a new service that will allow users to send the information obtained from the "Scrolling map application" (created by Yahoo!Maps for mobile use) to the "KEITAI-Link (Mobile Phone-Linked) AVN" ECLIPSE car navigation unit by using their mobile phone. The new service is scheduled to start by the end of this year.
A demonstration terminal for this new service will be on display at the FUJITSU TEN booth (Event Hall T305 - Tires and Audio Hall) at the "The 40th Tokyo Motor Show" starting on Oct. 27, 2007.

This new service will allow users to send the information obtained from the Yahoo!Maps' "Map Scroll application" (introduced by Yahoo! JAPAN on Sept. 28) such as address information and facilities information of landmarks, to the car navigation unit to set their destination from their mobile phone, through a directly connected infrared communication function.
In this way, a new means to search for information by using a mobile phone as a search tool will be added to the "Mobile Phone-Linked Function". FUJITSU TEN is planning to provide a wide range of information about the "Mobile Phone-Linked Function" as we continue to enhance this function.

Mobile Phone Linked-AVN

  The "Mobile Phone-Linked Function" is included in the ECLIPSE 2007 summer model and other newer models. This function allows you to set destinations by searching for stores, facilities information, parking availability, and similar items using a specialized website for mobile phone-linked AVN users and then directly uploading the information to the car navigation unit using an infrared communication function of mobile phone. This allows users a simple method to set new stores or facilities that are not recorded in the car navigation unit as their destination.

IIt also features a function that allows a mobile phone to be used as a simple remote control for the car navigation unit.

(*1): AVN is an abbreviation of "Audio, Visual, Navigation" and is a registered trademark of FUJITSU TEN LIMITED.
(*2): At present, terminals that can be used include the i-mode (NTT DoCoMo) FOMA903i and 703i, and other higher-end models.
(Note): The proper names of products and services listed here are registered trademarks and brand names of the respective companies.

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