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5th,October 2007
ECLIPSE Car AV and Navigation System Display Under the Concept of gECLIPSE: Your Link to Fun!h at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show
The image of the display booth
FUJITSU TEN LIMITED (Headquarters: Kobe, Japan, President: Keijiro Katsumaru, Capital: 5.3 billion yen) will be hosting a booth featuring the ECLIPSE car AV and navigation system under the concept of gECLIPSE: Your Link to Fun!h at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show to be held at the Makuhari Messe (Chiba Pref.) from Oct. 27 (Sta.) to Nov. 11 (Sun.). (Oct. 24 and 25: Press days; Oct. 26: Special guest day; Oct. 27 (Sat.) to Nov. 11 (Sun.): Open to the general public)

The display booth will feature the concept of gECLIPSE: Your Link to Fun!h for the realization of our latest car navigation technology gKEITAI-Link (mobile phone-linked) AVN*h. This new way to enjoy driving will be introduced in a visual live show featuring animation characters and motor show models. The booth will also feature a mobile phone-linked AVN that visitors can try out to freely experience all the functions of this new technology, as well as displays of other mobile phones and personal computers. Other products will be on display including those supporting safe and secure driving such as drive recorders.

[Display Overview]
Display Hall: Event Hall T305 (Tires and Audio Hall)

Theme: gECLIPSE: Your Link to Funh

Main Displayed Products

Mobile-phone-linked AVN

AVN687HD (Scheduled for release in the beginning of November, 2007; Built-in terrestrial digital tuner with full-segment compatibility)
AVN887HD (Built-in 1-segment broadcast tuner and dual-display function)
AVN777HD (Built-in 1-segment broadcast tuner, VGA display, and image-quality correction circuit)

"AVN687"KEITAI-link AVN with
built-in terrestrial tuner

Products supporting safety and security
Drive Recorder gDREC2000h
Front Eye Camera hFEC107h
Back Eye Camera hBEC107h
*AVN is an abbreviation of gAudio, Visual, Navigationh and is a registered trademark of FUJITSU TEN LIMITED.

[Description of Main Displayed Products]
Keitai-link(mobile phone-linked)AVN
This new AVN provides an easy method for setting destinations by allowing drivers to search for stores, facilities information, parking availability, and similar items using a specialized website for mobile phone-linked AVN users, and directly upload the information to the car navigation unit using an infrared communication function of mobile phone. It also features a function that allows a mobile phone to be used as a simple remote control for the navigation unit.
Note: Use of this function depends on the mobile phone model and may not be available for use with all phones. Parking availability information can only be accessed via the mobile phone site.

AVN687HD (Scheduled for release in the beginning of November, 2007)
This unit is the first in the car navigation industry to feature a built-in terrestrial digital TV tuner and B-CAS card slot. Image reception is stabilized since there is no need to attach a separate terrestrial digital tuning.

AVN887HD (Currently available)
This unit features the gDual Display Functionh that displays different video images to both the driverfs and passengerfs seats. The driverfs side displays map information while at the same time the passengerfs side displays DVD video or TV. Navigation operations that control driving can be performed from the passengerfs seat. Additionally, the built-in 1-segment broadcast tuner provides easy enjoyment of a stable visual image with very little disturbance.

AVN777HD (Currently available)
This unit also includes a built-in 1-segment broadcast tuner as well as a VGA display that features the newly developed gVivid View Processorh, an image-quality correction circuit utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology. This function corrects contour, contrast and color to provide a high-quality video image that is gsharph, gclearh, and gvividh.

Products supporting safety and security
Drive Recorder gDREC2000h (Currently available)
The main unit of this model is 70% (volume ratio) smaller compared to previous models in order to improve installation flexibility. Image quality has been improved by increasing the number of photo frames and similar improvements. Additionally, the recorder can used to output video images to the car navigation and other units by using the option cable (sold separately).

Front Eye Camera gFEC107h (Currently available)
Video images from the front eye camera, installed to the front grille or bumper, are displayed on the AVN screen to allow monitoring of blind intersections, surrounding conditions when unloading, and similar uses.

Back Eye Camera gBEC107h (Currently available)
The ultra-compact size of the back eye camera allows for flexible installation. Images from the camera are displayed on the AVN to make it easy to check for pedestrians, children, or small obstructions that can easily escape the rearward field of vision when backing into parking spaces and similar circumstances.

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