26th,June 2007
Car AV Products Sales/Maintenance/Service Local Corporation
Established in South Korea

〜Strengthening the FUJITSU TEN Service Network〜
On April 18, FUJITSU TEN LIMITED (Headquarters: Kobe, Japan, President: Keijiro Katsumaru, Capital: 5.3 billion yen) established "FUJITSU TEN KOREA LIMITED" with 100% of the capital provided by FUJITSU TEN. FUJITSU TEN KOREA is a Seoul-based car AV products sales/maintenance/service company that will function to strengthen the service network for our car AV products in South Korea as well as help to cultivate new markets. The new company will initiate business operations starting on September 1.

By establishing a local subsidiary in South Korea, FUJITSU TEN will be able provide an even more enhanced level of service for our car AV products in South Korea while also expanding our business relationships with South Korean automobile parts and automobile makers.

This marks the first time that FUJITSU TEN has established a local sales/maintenance/service subsidiary in South Korea. With the creation of FUJITSU TEN KOREA, the FUJITSU TEN GROUP now consists of a total of 32 foreign bases of operations spread out across 13 countries. As the group aims to expand foreign sales, this newly established company will certainly play a role by aiding business expansion in South Korea.
 【Overview of the South Korean Sales/Maintenance/Service Local Corporation 】                      
Location Seoul
Business Description Car AV products (decks, audio equipment, displays, etc.) sales/maintenance/service
Capital 350 million won (Approx. 45 million yen) *Calculated with 100 won = 12.85 yen
Investment Ratio FUJITSU TEN LIMITED 100%
Representative Noriaki Kamijo
Established April 18, 2007 (Scheduled to initiate business operations on September 1, 2007)
Number of Employees 2007: Approx. five persons
Sales Projection 2010: Approx. 100 million yen

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