2nd, April 2007
Affiliated Spanish Manufacturing Company Becomes
FUJITSU TEN Subsidiary

-- In response to the growing European automobile sector --
FUJITSU TEN LIMITED (FUJITSU TEN, Headquarters: Kobe-city, Hyogo, President: Keijiro Katsumaru) have made FUJITSU MANUFACTURING ESPANA, S. A.(FMESA, Headquarters: Malaga, Spain, Chairman: Yasuyuki Fujii), a joint venture company of FUJITSU TEN and FUJITSU LIMITED (FUJITSU, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroaki Kurokawa) its subsidiary of FUJITSU TEN on April 1 through the acquisition from FUJITSU of an additional 10% of the issued stock shares for FMESA.

As a result, the investment ratio for FMESA has become 55% for FUJITSU TEN and 45% for FUJITSU. On the same day, the name of FMESA will be changed to FUJITSU TEN ESPANA, S. A.

Previously, FMESA has predominantly manufactured banking terminals such as ATMs, and automobile electronic devices and car audio units for the European market but with the right of management acquired by FUJITSU TEN, it is expected that the company will now concentrate on increasing their share in the ever-growing automobile-related business sector.
FUJITSU TEN first contracted FMESA (FUJITSU ESPANA, S. A. at the time) to manufacture car audio units in 1996 and, since then, the company has been assigned a role as an important production base for European operations and a supplier system was established for that same region. In order to strengthen FUJITSU TEN 's response to the ever-growing European automobile sector business, FUJITSU TEN first acquired 25% of FMESA stock in February 2004 and then an additional 20% in March 2005, as well as participating in management of the Spanish company.
FUJITSU TEN ESPANA, S. A, as a joint venture between FUJITSU TEN and FUJITSU, will continue to respond to the demands and needs of the European region.
 【Overview of Spanish Production Subsidiary】                      
  Before change After change
Investment Ratio FUJITSU     55% FUJITSU    45%
Address Pol.Ind. Guadalhorce-Cesar Vallejo, 16 29004 Malaga, Spain
Business Description Manufacture and Sales of electronic automobile devices, car audio units,
IT-related and similar products
Representative Yasuyuki Fujii, Chairman
Capital Stock 2.999 million euro (Approx. 470 million yen) (As of end of February 2007)
Sales 108  million euro (Approx. 17 billion yen)   (Forecast for FY2006)
Employees 537                           (As of end of February 2007)
History Jun. 1973   FUJITSU ESPANA established fully-funded by FUJITSU
Mar. 1996   First contracted by FUJITSU TEN to manufacture car audio units
Oct. 2002   Production division split off to form FMESA
Feb. 2004   FUJITSU TEN acquires 25% of FMESA stock
         (FUJITSU TEN stockholding ratio is 25%)
Mar. 2005   FUJITSU TEN acquires an additional 20% of FMESA stock
         (FUJITSU TEN stockholding ratio is 45%)
Apr. 2007   FUJITSU TEN acquires an additional 10% of FMESA stock
         (FUJITSU TEN stockholding ratio is 55%)

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