Press Release
9th,January 2007
Detachable navigation section
integrates into double-DIN unit as the AVN2210p,

poised for sales to start in North America as an ECLIPSE Product.

FUJITSU TEN LIMITED (Kobe, Japan−President: Keijiro Katsumaru) today announced that the ECLIPSE AVN2210p would be available for sale in North America this SPRING 2007.

With the spread of navigation devices seen on a global scale, sales of PND(Personal Navigation Device) have been increasing along with sales of factory-installed navigation integrated with entertainment systems. PNDs have seen a steady rise in sales due to their ease-of-use and convenience -- being able to be used in other vehicles, going over travel routes at home, added security because they can be removed from the vehicle, affordable pricing and portability.

Against this backdrop, FUJITSU TEN brings the best of both worlds together. This product is a double- DIN sized audio unit with a factory-fit console appearance that also integrates a navigation section that can be detached and used independently.
The AVN2210p combines all the advantages of a full-featured usefulness of a PND into a product that a greater number of consumers can enjoy at an attractive price point.

AVN2210p development was a collaborative effort with TomTom N.V. (the Netherlands, Chairman/CEO Harold Goddijn) , a leading portable navigation solution provider in the USA and Europe. FUJITSU TEN was responsible for the overall project and product development while TomTom provided the navigation system.

The AVN2210p is equipped with a 3.5" TFT display. Map database for Canada and the USA is contained in a compact SD memory card.

The detachable navigation section incorporates a GPS antenna, built-in speaker and rechargeable battery, making it fully operable independently when removed from the main unit. Users can also access TomTom PLUS services including weather and traffic reports. These can easily be managed using TomTom HOME, a proprietary software application that is provided at no charge.

FM/AM, CD, CD-R/RW, MP3 and WMA files can be enjoyed even when the navigation section is removed. Additional source options include USB memory devices with MP3 music, iPod®, Bluetooth® enabled cellular phones for hands-free calls, and digital satellite radio tuners.

In North America, this product will be available this coming spring, and is scheduled to be available in European countries by the end of the year.
Main features
■The portability of the navigation section
When the navigation system section is removed from the main part, it becomes a fully autonomous easy navigation system that is equipped with a touch panel, an integrated GPS antenna, loudspeaker, and battery. The portability of the navigation section allows:
Use in other cars: The car navigation system is available when the user drives other family cars or rented cars that are not equipped with the main unit.
Compact Size: The navigation section is compact enough to carry easily.
Security: ability to undock the navigation system section when the user leaves the car.
In-dash design integration: the navigation section makes a perfect fit with the main 2-DIN unit which provides full unimpeded visibility of the road for the driver.
Automatic charging: the built-in battery of the navigation system section charges automatically when the navigation component is docked with the main audio unit.
Audio: car audio function is available with the navigation system section removed. The navigation section incorporates its own loudspeaker and can still provide spoken instructions whether used in another car or even when on foot.
Updatable personal device: using the included TomTom HOME unique software, users can easily manage the content of their navigation device and receive updates via computer.
Easy to follow turn-by-turn spoken instructions are given in the language of your choice. The user interface is available in 22 languages and more than 55 voices are available for the spoken instructions . Crystal clear full map 3D graphics indicate clearly and in advance of the next move.
■Audio features and functions
Plays MP3 and WMA files on CD and CD-R/RW.
Plays MP3 files on USB memory devices.
Receives satellite broadcasting digital radio with optional tuner.
Full-control iPod operation using optional iPod cable.
Personal music player connectable using the optional AUX cable.
Audiophile-level 5V high voltage preamp outputs.
50Wx4ch power amp, 3-band equalizer and a low-pass filter incorporated.
■3.5" Touch-Control TFT LCD
■Improved functionality thanks to the combination of audio and navigation system functions
Voice guidance of the navigation system section is output from the in-vehicle loudspeakers when the navigation system section is docked with the audio main unit. In addition, the titles of songs are displayed on the monitor.
■6-Position tilting front panel
The front panel is motorized to allow setting it between 0°and 30°to suit individual preferences for viewing as well as to optimally match the angle of the car's console.
■The unit is Bluetooth-ready for cellular hands-free operation
Being Bluetooth enabled, the AVN2210p benefits from the Bluetooth expertise. Using the radio built-in microphone, it allows hands-free cellular operations with the car speakers.
■SD card contains maps of the USA and Canada
■Smart rotary knob integrates most used operations, making operation easier
■The "TomTom PLUS" additional services offered by TomTom are available on the road or at home
It's possible to use the "TomTom PLUS" services on the road using a mobile phone and a wireless data connection, or at home via the computer. The TomTom PLUS services include real time traffic information, weather information, additional maps or additional downloadable voices for spoken guidance among others.
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