Oct 18th, 2005

Stunning New AVN7000 to debut at SEMA, Booth #10950
(Kobe, Japan) October 17, 2005 -- Leading mobile electronics company FUJITSU TEN LIMITED, manufacturer of the popular ECLIPSE brand of mobile electronics, the first to introduce the popular AVN concept ? an all-in-one product that seamlessly integrates audio, visual and navigation capabilities into a single unit ? announces the debut of the AVN7000 HDD Navigation System with 7" Wide TFT Display and DVD/MS Multi-Source Receiver. This compact product incorporates all AVN features and functions as well as touch-control display in a single, style-conscious DIN-sized enclosure without requiring any hideaway components. ECLIPSE's new product masterfully demonstrates why the company maintains its position as the industry leader.

Engineered to be smaller with extraordinary performance
A significant engineering feat, the AVN7000 manages to fit all the technology required for audio, visual and navigation functions into a single DIN enclosure. The AVN7000's product concept precluded any additional hideaway components, so specialized proximity layout construction techniques were adapted to manufacture space-saving circuit boards that were then densely packed with modules comprised of DAC, memory and flash memory integrated circuits. The use of a slim 1.8" HDD also helped, being the first application of this hard disk configuration in an automotive environment, as did the thin DVD/CD mechanism. In addition to achieving the limited space of a single DIN enclosure, ECLIPSE realized a higher overall audio performance level as parts and components were carefully positioned for the most effective signal transmission without noise pickup potential.

Ultima Engine improves navigation functions
A new computing engine for navigation tasks has been developed called the Ultima Engine. Designed expressly for mobile navigation tasks, the Ultima Engine combines navigation and graphics processing integrated chips in a single monolithic configuration that significantly accelerates processing. The high-resolution touch-control display is capable of more than 32,000 colors and allows onscreen information to be translucently floating over a map display. Antialiasing technology is incorporated to prevent "jaggies."

HDD Navigation
As the entire navigational database is installed on the unit's 20-gigabyte hard disk, navigation tasks are rapidly and smoothly performed without any latency. With fulltime visual map referencing, the user views an extraordinarily vivid navigational display with a highly accurate positional fix and smoothly moving vehicle position over maps that continually redraw.

Multi-mode searching
The AVN7000 offers user-friendly selectable navigation search modes that simplify the process for any user. The search modes are comprehensive and include address with street name and number, search by telephone number, points of interest categorized for faster searches, map search, city search, map coordinates search using longitude and latitude, emergency information, memory search complete with assignable sound tags and directivity to locations, as well as intersection searching by inputting two cross streets and freeway search by name and entrance/exit.

Helpful routing options
The AVN7000 offers several routing options such as presetting preferences for expressways or toll roads and even ferries. A choice of recommendable routes as well as previews are provided. Detours can also be input to avoid problem areas. Intelligent auto rerouting activates the instant the car strays off the route and immediately guides the driver back on track.

Assistance and voice guidance
The AVN7000 assists the driver to make turns, making announcements as the turn point is approached to ensure there is ample time to react. Guidance for driving lanes and curves is also provided as well as freeway assistance that simplifies complex interchanges and prevents missing freeway entrances/exits. The display will also zoom up to display an intersection that is being approached.

Special display features
Unique icons identify onscreen gas stations, restaurants, ATMs and other useful locations. A push on an icon will automatically display information related to the icon. Landmarks are also graphically displayed. The AVN7000 also shows driving distance and arrival times. When times zones are crossed, the time is automatically adjusted. Onscreen zooming of the display is by the touch of a fingertip, choosing a magnification value or just pressing to get the desired zooming.

Versatile audio and visual features
The AVN7000 is compatible with CD/CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, DVD-Video, DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/+RW ensuring virtually all entertainment program material can be enjoyed. Audio performance has always been an ECLIPSE priority and the all-digital AVN7000 duly incorporates audiophile grade circuits and components, such as the built-in high-quality 4-channel MOSFET amplifier. Digital signals remain in the digital domain up to the power amplifier section. A high-performance 24-bit ? DAC performs the requisite conversion. Signal processing utilizes a DSP that enables comprehensive user customization over audio parameters to achieve optimal system response with ease. Adding the separately available TVR105 TV Tuner Unit receives high quality television broadcasts that the front seat passenger can watch or the driver during a break from driving.

DCU105 Audio Video Matrix
A companion unit to the AVN7000, the dedicated DCU105 elevates audio and video performance as well as offers advanced system expansion choices for configuring larger, more complex entertainment systems. It includes Dolby Digital 5.1 ch., dts 5.1 ch. and Dolby Pro Logic II processing for correctly encoding various source material as well as upmixing 2 channel material to 5.1 channels. Using the DCU105 with the AVN7000 allows different program sources to be viewed at the same time in two zones of operation, for instance, the front of the car and the rear. For audio it offers user customization at a level that conventionally would require qualified technicians and test equipment. By making use of E-iSERV, ECLIPSE's online server, any user can precisely calibrate and set system parameters that are specific to his or her own vehicle.

Twin security system
The AVN7000 is equipped with ECLIPSE's proven ESN security function. In addition, the front panel detaches easily to provide another deterrent measure and level of security.

Customizing appearances
The AVN7000 offers other cosmetic customization features such as selecting a desired image to use as screen background. Images can also be input directly from a digital camera's Memory Stick.

The all-in-one AVN7000 reinforces ECLIPSE's position as the preeminent manufacturer of innovative AVN products, meeting the demands for a compact, stylish product with a full assortment of features that installs exceptionally easily.

This eagerly anticipated product will be widely available in early November and will be prominently displayed at the ECLIPSE booth, 10950, at SEMA. We look forward to seeing you there.

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