October 13th, 2005
"Two World First"- The ECLIPSE Car AV & Navigation Systems
Concept for the 39th Tokyo Motor Show 2005
FUJITSU TEN LIMITED (Headquarters: Kobe, Japan, President: Keijiro Katsumaru, Capital: 5.3billion yen) will be exhibiting ECLIPSE Car AV & Navigation Systems at the 39th Tokyo Motor Show 2005 taking place at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan from Friday, October 21 through Sunday, November 6.
(Note: October 19/20 for press only; October 21 for special guests; October 22 to November 6 for general public)
yBooth Summaryz

ECLIPSE Boose(image)
¡ Booth Location: Center Hall C004
Introducing an advanced and highly enjoyable in-car experience realized by ECLIPSE Car AV & Navigation for the very first time. The "world's first" concept lies behind these two new developments.
¡ NEXT FUN.NEXT ECLIPSE" visual presentation
Using a multiscreen format with 114" screen, this entertaining video explains the latest AVN functions. There is a hands-on demonstration area just in front of the booth to allow booth visitors to experience these new developments at firsthand.
yWorld's firsts - two new AVN productsz
HDD Navigation System with 7"WideTFT(Dual)Display and DVD/MD/MS Multi-Source Receiver"AVN7905HD"
 Main feature
The world's first "Dual Display" able to display different images for the driver and the passenger on the same display. A driver can check map and navigation displays while the front passenger watches DVD video or TV.
Control functions and adjustments that the driver is not to use while the car is in motion may be accessed from the passenger's seated position.@
 This product goes on sale beginning Nov. 1, 2005
HDD Navigation System with 7" Wide TFT Display and DVD/MS Multi-Source Receiver "AVN 075HD"
 Main feature
The world's first fully complete 1-DIN compact configured AVN unit that does not require any additional components to provide full audio, visual and navigation functions under the seat and trunk.
Connecting it to the DCU-500X/DCU105 5.1ch AV Matrix unit, to be introduced at the same time and sold separately, enhances the AVN 075HD's audio performance and functionability.@
 This product goes on sale beginning Nov. 1, 2005
yOther Exhibited Productsz
AVN Options
Terrestrial Broadcast Digital TV Tuner "DTV105"
 Main feature
4-channel front and rear diversity receiving system ensures stable TV broadcast reception even when driving at high speed. Tuner operation is via the connected AVN product's touch-control display.
This product goes on sale beginning December 1, 2005
 This product goes on sale beginning December 1, 2005
Digital Processor "DCU500X" (Sound Monitor Series)
 Main feature
Used in conjunction with the AVN 075HD, the DCU500X accommodates 5.1 ch. surround sound as well as a complex speaker system of up to 10 channels. This combination enables AVN products to take advantage of precise audio customization and control, allowing the AVN unit to perform as a high fidelity AVN product.
The DCU500X features ECLIPSE's uncompromising Pure Sound Technology. This emphasizes audiophile construction techniques and selected high quality components and parts that have undergone exhaustive testing as well as listening tests. A noise-resistant copper-plated housing contains it all.
 This product goes on sale beginning November 1, 2005
2DIN main unit
CD/MD/MS 2-DIN Head Unit "E5505CMT"
 Main feature
A design-conscious product featuring a flat face and sophisticated design that offers comprehensive customization of audio and images through interacting with E-iSERV, its dedicated ECLIPSE server.
 Now on sale
2cm Tweeter/17cm Woofer Component Speaker System"SGX-TD217"(Sound Monitor Series)
 Main feature
Accurate reproduction of the input signal utilizing methods based on time-domain theory.
2-way layout with separate woofer and tweeter for optimal and accurate reproduction of wideband program material.
 This product goes on sale beginning November 1, 2005
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