July 11th, 2005
New product:
Real Time Simulator gCRAMASh for Development of ECU for Automobile Control
Release of gCORE-Xh motor board, with the fastest in operation processing
in the industry (*)
`Contributes to reductions in both costs and time for development of ECU
for motor control in hybrid vehicles`
(*) as of July 8th 2005, according to studies by FUJITSU TEN
FUJITSU TEN LIMITED(Headquarters: Kobe, President: Keijiro Katsumaru, Capital: 5.3 billion yen) has developed a high-speed simulation motor board gCORE-Xh, with the fastest processing capacity in the industry of 1s and a motor model specialized for equipping to this board, as a new option for the automobile control ECU (Electronic Control Unit) development tool gCRAMAS (Computer Aided Multi Analysis System)h real time simulator, CORE-X aids in reducing time and development costs for motor control ECUfs of hybrid vehicles and fuel battery-powered automobiles. Hereafter, this product will be produced by special order.

Because of measures taken to lessen the harmful effects of automobiles (exhaust gas, fuel consumption regulations) to the environment in recent years, there is a growing trend to convert engines to electric powered systems. Conversion of drive systems to electric drive in hybrids and other vehicles involve large amounts of electric power, and in their ECU development, evaluation by computer simulation is becoming more and more important in avoiding the dangers of actual test vehicles and having to build large scale facilities.

The real time simulator gCRAMAS,h a product which has been marketed by FUJITSU TEN from the year 2000, has been well received since its release for its capability to allow functional land performance evaluations of control algorisms for engine control ECU and transmission control ECU, as well as hybrid vehicle control ECUfs, under simulated conditions identical to an actually installed condition.

In this developed motor board gCORE-X,h we installed a large capacity FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) in order to enable faster, high precision simulations. We have also integrated simulation processing for inverters/permanent magnet synchronization motors/position sensors, etc. into the FPGA, to create a unique motor model for enabling ultra-high-speed processing. This allows reductions in both costs and time for development and evaluation of algorisms and control ECUs, for high speed, high precision control motors of hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles.

yMain features of the developed gCORE-Xh motor boardz
1s simulation processing cycle (fastest in the industry)
Variable settings during operation are enabled for parameters of motor coefficients
Equipped with Xilinx-manufactured Virtex II-Pro (built-in PowerPC405)
Application also possible in motor control devices other than for automobiles

yInquiries from the pressz
Contact : Ayami KAKUNO^Hisanori KAGA^Mayuko YAMAMOTO
E-mail : pr@ten.fujitsu.co.jp
Public Relations Section, Corporate Communications Dept.,FUJITSU TEN LIMITED

Main specifications of gCORE-Xh motor board
FPGA Xilinx-manufactured

VirtexU-Pro 2
million gates~14
million gates~1
Power PC405 (housed in FPGA)
Operation lock 300MHzUp to 2 can be used
Digital input/outpu 220, 3.3V
Analog output 16ch}5V resolution 14 bits
Analog input 8ch}5V resolution 12 bits

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