May 12th, 2005
New Product: Real Time Simulator gCRAMASh
for Automobile Control ECU

`Equipped with IntelR PentiumR 4-2.8GHz high-speed CPU board and long hours of continuous automatic evaluation`
CRAMAS: Computer Aided Multi-Analysis System
FUJITSU TEN LIMITED (Headquarters: Kobe, President: Takamitsu Tsuchimoto, Capital: 5.3 billion yen) has developed a new system for the automobile ECU developent tool gCRAMASh real time simulator. The new system is equipped with a high-speed Intel Pentium 4-2.8GHz CPU board, and its high reliability and durability allows use in the entire production process from design down to the factory production line. We will hereafter begin production of this product by special order.
In addition, from May 18th (Wed) to May 20th (Fri), we will exhibit this system at the 2005 AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING EXPOSITION (sponsored by: Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Inc.) held by Pacifico Yokohama (Yokohama City).
In the pursuit of greater automobile comfort and safety, the amount of automobile controlling ECU (Electronic Control Unit) programs are continually increasing. Because of this, we are also experiencing major increases in the number of man hours needed for ECU function development and evaluation of reliability.
The real time simulator gCRAMAS,h released in the year 2000 and well received ever since, is capable of evaluating of functions and performance for control algorithms of engine control ECU and transmission control ECU, under conditions equivalent to an actually installed state.
To deal with long hours of continuous automatic operation caused by ever-increasing effort required for development and evaluation, this newly released gCRAMASh has a main rack with increased durability, and provides improved processing capacity, equipped with an Intel Pentium 4-2.8GHz high-speed CPU board.
Also as a result of reviewing internal layout designs from conventional products, we have enhanced heat exhaust efficiency, greatly increasing reliability.
This technology can be used in fields ranging from design environment to factory lines, establishing seamless development and production systems.
Furthermore, the system is given high expansion capabilities, allowing compatibility with gHybrid vehicle ECUfsh which require a large system size, by simply adding an extended interface box.
We are presently planning to acquire the UL certification*. After acquiring this certification we commence sales overseas.

*UL standardFa product safety standard issued by UL (Underwriterfs Laboratories Incorporated), whose base is located in America

yMain features of the developed CRAMAS for Intel Pentium 4-2.8GHzz
ŸProcessing capacity enhanced by equipping an Intel Pentium 4-2.8GHz CPU board
ŸIncreased reliability and safety, and enabling long hours of continuous automatic operation
ŸWith plans for UL certification acquisition, expansion to overseas is possible
ŸPersonal computer base allows easy operation, and is possible to use in conjunction with document-preparing personal computers
ŸNoise resistance is enhanced
yBasic system configurationz
Main body case (rack 5), CPU (P4-2.8GHz), ADIO board (analog digital input/output), CORE board (custom signal processing for FPGA installation), CAN communications board, new ADIO I/F board, new pulse I/F board, CRAMAS basic software

NoteFgIntelh and gPentiumh are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation.
NoteFThe basic system configuration does not include the personal computers, DC power source, ECU, or harness shown in the photo.

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