November 15th, 2004

Launch of the TD712z
The Latest Speaker System in the ECLIPSE TD Series

with the "TD712z Nationwide Listening Tour in Japan"

 FUJITSU TEN LIMITED (Headquarters: Kobe, Japan, President: Takamitu Tsuchimoto, Capital: 5.3billion yen); manufacturers of the unique "time domain" ECLIPSE TD home audio speaker system, will launch their latest model, the "TD712z" and "TD712z-S" into the Japanese domestic market on November 20th, 2004.
 The "TD712z Nationwide Listening Tour" will be held at approximately 10 audio shops across Japan from the beginning of November 2004 until January 2005 to allow the public to experience the very best in spatial reproduction.

 The ECLIPSE TD series is a home audio speaker system based on Time Domain theory. Its superior reproduction of original sound wave forms with accurate sound image positi

oning has been highly praised, not only by audio fans, but also by top artists and recording engineers. The first models [512],[508] and [A502] in 2001, were joined later by the [307]series and [316] sub-woofer, strengthening the company's already high reputation.

 The new model [TD712z] has a strong magnetic circuit around the voice coil of the drive-unit which reduces the mass of vibration. As a result, the degree of 'shove' necessary to move the cone becomes faster. With its new "Solid Base", enabling "point to point" contact between the speaker and speaker stand, it is the first model in the ECLIPSE TD series to integrate the speaker with the speaker stand, thereby preventing the transfer of any vibration. Thanks to these improvements in components and design, the impulse response has improved by about 10% compared with the [512] model. As a result, the maximum high reproducible frequency band has been increased from 17kHz to 20kHz.

 The short stand speaker [TD712z-S] is ideal for home theater use since it does not block pictures on screen. With the TD712z-S, ideal surround reproduction can be realized by using the same speaker for all channels.

  [TD712z] will be sold at audio and AV shops. In order to provide the opportunity to experience the "spatial reproduction" of the TD712z demonstration units will be introduced to many shops on the "TD712z Nationwide Listening Tour" focused on the winter sales season. Not only will the public be able to experience the system for themselves but there will be "TD712z Seminars" offered by AV critics and our staff.

【New Products】

Description Model Number Price
 (including Tax)
Start of Sales
 (Regular stand)
TD712z \294,000 November 20th, 2004
 (Short stand)
TD712z-S \273,000 November 20th, 2004

【Main Features】

Superior reproduction capability of original sound wave forms

Integrated structure which supports high quality sound and is suitable for a variety of listening circumstances


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