【NEWS RELEASE】 September 9th, 2004

Announcing the TD712z - the latest Speaker system

On show at A&V Festa 2004 (Yokohama) and the Hi-Fi Show & AV EXPO2004 (London)

 Fujitsu Ten Limited (Headquarters: Kobe, Japan, President: Takamitsu Tsuchimoto, Capital: 5.3billion yen) are the manufacturers of the unique ECLIPSE TD home audio speaker system. Its structure and materials allow for superior reproduction of original sound wave forms. With ECLIPSE TD's superior impulse response and ability to connect coherent sound images and precisely reproduced spatial information, the listener can forget the speakers are there and is transported to the time and place of recording.

 The TD712z will be exhibited at "A&V Festa 2004" in Yokohama from September 22-25th, and at the "Hi-Fi Show & AV EXPO" in London from September24-26th.

 The new model strengthens the magnetic circuit around the voice coil of the drive-unit, and the degree of 'shove' necessary to move the cone becomes faster and more accurate in the reproduction of original sound wave forms.The TD712z is the first model in the ECLIPSE TD series to integrate the speaker with the
speaker stand so as to prevent the transfer of any vibration. To restrain the reflection of sound, the front side of the slim stand has a rounded surface. The zinc speaker container has triple the density of aluminum, further reducing vibration.

 With these improvements, the TD712z can reproduce speedier and tighter sounds so that the reality of instrument sound is increased. Delicate sounds can be heard more clearly and the high quality of the "positioning of sound image & faithful reproduction of sound space" enables accurate reproduction of original sound wave. Performance technique, pulse, and the feeling of being at a live performance are all enhanced.

 ECLIPSE TD has been praised by top artists and recording engineers since its arrival on the market in 2001. Many of them refer to the accurate sound image positioning and natural sound of ECLIPSE TD speakers. The TD712z is the current flagship in this series.

Improvements in drive unit
Lightening of the materials used lessens vibration and strengthen the magnetic circuit system which allows the vibration board to move faster. Tightness in sound gained and maximum high reproducible frequency band has been increased from 17kHz (ECLIPSE TD512) to 20kHz
Adoption of well-damped stand, which reduces sound reflection
The streamlined form of the TD712z restrains the reflection of spherical waves from the speakers. The stand is filled with 4kg of high-density sand sourced from the Min River in Fujian, China to decrease low frequency waveforms.
Zinc diffusion stay
The diffusion stay is die-cast in zinc, a material that has approximately three times the specific gravity of aluminum and hence much higher internal loss. This suppresses any remaining resonance in the structure.
Original investment "solid base" for the connecting surface of speaker and stand.
Mounting to the stand is by all-point-contact and so minuscule residual vibrations of the drive-unit movements are further isolated from the floor. The speakers can be moved without scratching the floor and adjustments can easily be made manually and without the use of special tools.
Angle adjustment of the speaker is possible
Angle adjustment of the speaker is possible which is unusual for a high-end speaker. It can be elevated by 15 degrees and by so doing the original listening environment can easily be duplicated.
Adopting "spike-on-insulator" foot arrangement
The base adopts an unusual integrated spike and insulator foot arrangement (patent applied for) to support its unique waveform reproduction capabilities.
[A&V Festa 2004]
Date: September 22 〜 September 25, 2004
Time: 10:00 to 18:00
Place: Exhibition Hall at Pacifico Yokohama, Kanagawa
   Address: 1-1-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Japan Host: Japan Audio Society
Fujitsu Ten booth at the festival: M2F Listening Room, Booth numberL-6

[Hi-Fi Show & AV EXPO 2004]
Date: September 24 〜 September 26, 2004
Time: 10:00 to 18:00 (UK time)
Place: Renaissance Hotel, Heathrow (London)
Host: IPC Focus Network Ltd.

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