July 5th, 2004

Eclipse TD [512] [A502] Selected for
"Japanese Design Today 100"
Pursuit of the faithful reproduction of original sound wave forms:
Egg-Shaped Speaker and Conic Power Amplifier

@Fujitsu Ten Limited (Headquarters: Kobe, Japan President: Takamitsu Tsuchimoto, Capital: 5.3billion yen) 's Eclipse TD [512], a home-use egg-shaped speaker and [A502], a conic power amplifier were selected for "Japanese Design Today 100" by the Japan Foundation; established in 1972 as a special legal entity to undertake international cultural exchange.
@Selected products will be exhibited in Kawasaki City Museum Graphic Galley hall: located in Kanagawa, Japan, from July 10th to August 1st, 2004. After Kawasaki, they will be exhibited in other places around the world, starting the United States.

@Eclipse TD audio systems have been developed based on the Time Domain theory and designed for the ultimate pursuit of original sound wave forms in the music source, for accurate reproduction of details of the artist's emotion from the pianist's touches to the vocalist's breaths. Since their release in April 20th, 2001, Eclipse TD audio systems are highly appreciated by top artists and recording engineers, especially for their accurate sound image positioning and natural sound without awareness of speakers.

@The design of Eclipse TD[512] and [A502] combines high taste in interior design, together with a necessary shape for the pursuit of faithful reproduction of original sound wave forms. They are the reasons to be selected as one of the product representing modern Japanese culture.

ySelected Productz
Eclipse TD 12cm Speaker [512] (photo attached)
@@@@@@@Power Amplifier [A502] (photo attached)

yAbout Japanese Design Today 100z
@Japan Foundation conducts it with the aim of introducing stylish and unique Japanese products to overseas. Products, which are close to our daily life, reflect our lifestyles and society. In these designs, hopes and dreams of both designers as creators and us as users can be seen. In this exhibition, the new aspects of today's Japanese culture are introduced with approximately 100 superior designed products.

yAbout the Exhibitionz
@Approximately 100 designs, selected among Japanese products appeared between end 90's to 2003 will be displayed. Exhibits include such as furniture, illuminations, home appliances, stationeries, tableware, toys, cameras, information devices, automobiles, trains, motorcycles, bicycles, fashion, sundry goods etc.

Date : July 10th ` August 1st ,2004
Place : Kawasaki City Museum, Graphic Gallery hall
Admission : Adults 500yen @@@Students 300yen
@(Under 15 and over 65 are admitted free)
Host : Kawasaki City Museum, Japan Foundation

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