【News Release】
December 19,2001

"ECLIPSE TD", an oval home-use speaker system to put on sale in U.K.
    −Local company is set up for sales−

FUJITSU TEN LIMITED (Head office in Kobe City, President: Takamitsu Tsuchimoto, capitalized at \5.3 billion) has set up a local company limited, " ECLIPSE TD (UK) Ltd" in the United Kingdom for import and sales of home-use speaker system "ECLIPSE TD".

An opening ceremony will be held in the Abbey Road Studios in London on 19th December (local time) with attendance of people concerned in the music circle on invitation. Sales in U.K. will commence the following day, on 20th December (local time).

As U.K. leads the world music circles, its studio recording equipment and speakers, etc. have gained worldwide recognition. We have come to the conclusion that in order to establish the brand image of ECLIPSE TD, the products need evaluations in the UK market where many well-known manufacturers of high quality home audio devices exist.

ECLIPSE TD, consisting of home-use oval speakers and a power amplifier capable of outputting its features to a maximum extent, is designed to pursue infinite reproduction of such original sound kept in the sound source as a pianist*s finger touch and a vocal singer*s breathing, based on the theory of the time domain. It was put on sale in Japan in April 2001 and was exhibited in a Hi-Fi show held in London in September and gained popularity.

The products which will be put on sale in U.K. are the same as those in the current line-up in Japan and sales will be promoted through the Internet with URL: http://www.eclipse-td.co.uk/ (an application for purchase is also possible through the sales agents). We aim to gain a market share of 5% in the U.K. market for quality home-use speakers.

【The profile of the company】

1. Name          ECLIPSE TD (UK) LTD

2. Location        LOE House, 159 Broadhurst Gardens,London NW6 3AU, UK
               Tel: 44 (20)7328-4499

3. Business        Import and sales of home-use audio equipment and parts

4. Capital         Sterling L 200,000.

5. Investment ratio   FUJITSU TEN LIMITED       65%
                FUJITSU TEN (EUROPE) GmbH  10%
                LOE Entertainment Ltd.(*)     25%

6. Representative    Hiroshi Kato (Representative of LOE Entertainment Ltd.)

7. Date of establishment       November 26, 2001

8. Sales forecast            L 3.5 million in the fiscal year 2003

9. Number of employees        7 persons

10. Products line-up

12cm speaker
(speaker unit diameter 12cm: 1 piece)
Amplifier (for 512)
8cm speaker & amplifier
(speaker unit diameter 8cm: one couple and amplifier)
Speaker stand (for 512)
Speaker stand (for 508PA)

(*) LOE Entertainment Ltd is a general producer established in 1975 for planning, producing, sales
and advertising, etc. for music and broadcasting (TV, Movies, etc.).

The contents of a press release are as of the publication. Later, they are apt to be changed without notice. Thank you for understanding in advance.