December 17, 2001

Sales promotion of marketed automotive audio system, ECLIPSE,

  in Asia and Australia
  ―Starting sales in Australia, Taiwan, and Malaysia―

For strengthening and expanding operations of marketed automotive audio systems, FUJITSU TEN LIMITED (Kobe, Japan. President: Mr. Takamitsu Tsuchimoto. Capital: \5.3billion) started sales of marketed automotive audio system, ECLIPSE, in Australia in October, Taiwan in November, and will also release it in Malaysia in January 2002. Furthermore, the company is planning to enter Singapore market around the summer of 2002.  Thus, we aim to expand the business to automobile manufacturers by establishing the brand image of ECLIPSE, which has gained high reputation domestically and in North America, in Australia/Asia area including Korea where sales were started in October 2000 and Thailand where sales were started in March 2001.

The products that will be released include audio systems such as CD/Radio units, Cassette/Radio units, In-Dush 6 serial play CD changer, and powerful amplifiers and speakers that have been designed in the US.  In the future, DVD players, monitors, and other visual apparatuses will be added to the lineup. These items will be sold at specialized automotive audio shops through local corporations and dealers, and will be obtained the market share to 10% in each market with best effort.

In the beginning of October, our local corporation in Australia, FUJITSU TEN (AUSTRALIA) PTY. LTD. held dealer meetings with specialized shops in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, and explained the policy and target of sales of ECLIPSE. At the end of October, an explanatory meeting sponsored by our distributor was held in Taichung, Taiwan gathering persons from specialized shops.

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