January 6, 2001
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ECLIPSE Automotive AV Product for North American Market
For central control of a multiple number of in-car monitors
「AV5101」 AV* Center Control System Exhibited in CES* 2001

* AV: Audio Visual   CES: Consumer Electronics Show

 FUJITSU TEN LIMITED (head office: Kobe, Hyogo, president: Takamitsu Tsuchimoto, capital: 5,300,000,000 yen) has developed the AV5101 AV center control system (see attached photo) to respond to the growing need for rear-seat entertainment products in America's automotive AV product market. The AV5101 allows central control of a multiple number of monitors installed in a vehicle. FUJITSU TEN displays the AV5101 in the CES 2001, an exhibition of consumer electronic products (place: Las Vegas, U.S.A., period: January 6 to 9, 2001).

AV5101 System configuration

< Monitor unit >
1-DIN-size in-dash center control unit with 5.8-inch wide-screen monitor

< Hideaway unit >
AV selector unit with built-in radio tuner (equipped with two sets of AV input terminals and two sets of AV output terminals)

Main features

Matrix AV selector for flexible display of three different images on three in-car monitors
Equipped with two sets of external AV input terminals and two sets of external AV output terminals, the AV5101 can display three different images including a car navigation screen on the AV5101's 5.8-inch monitor and up to two other monitors (optional) installed for rear-seat passengers. The AV5101 allows the change of the image displayed on each monitor. (Note) Sources of images displayable by rear-seat monitors are limited.

ECLIPSE COMMANDER voice control system (E-COM) for display of car navigation information on 5.8-inch monitor
The E-COM allows the use of voice for the control of a car navigation system, a mobile phone and audio equipment as well as electric devices such as room lamps (ON/OFF operation).

Connection of the E-COM also enables the display of car navigation information, such as turning direction, distance to turning location, distance to destination, and names of roads, on the AV5101's 5.8-inch wide-screen monitor.

Car navigation information, which is conventionally displayed on a 1-DIN-size CD-player-integrated unit, becomes much easier to see on the larger screen of the AV5101.

Audio input

The audio input terminals (1 set) allows connection of a portable audio product such as an MP3 player.

Example of applications

When the AV5101 is connected with a portable DVD player at AV input (1), with a game machine at AV input (2), and also with the E-COM, the front-seat monitor can display (1) car navigation information or radio information, (2) DVD video, or (3) game. Each rear-seat monitor can display (1) DVD video or (2) game.

(The following shows examples of combinations of displayed images.)
Front-seat monitor* Rear-seat monitor (A) Rear-seat monitor (B)
Example 1 Car navigation DVD video DVD video
Example 2 Car navigation DVD video Game
Example 3 DVD video Game DVD video
*Front-seat monitor can display DVD video and game only when the vehicle is parked.

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system chart

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