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ICT-Enabled Car Lifestyles of the Near Future

ICT makes a car your best partner

DENSO TEN connects together people, cars and society. We want cars to be a more intimate collaborator in our everyday lives. To this end, we generate new value by wedding car electronics technologies with ICT* solutions based on a human-centric approach.
* Information and communications technology

Three Technologies to Support Drivers' Safety and Comfort


"Seeing and understanding" the driver's actions and car's surroundings

Simply by looking in the rear-view mirror, the driver's identity is authenticated and personalized settings are implemented throughout the car. Furthermore, the car's surroundings are monitored to sense dangerous situations approaching.

Data analysis

Analyzing data to "look ahead and suggest" drive options

Traffic information, weather conditions, and other real-time data are matched to all kinds of past data to forecast the situation ahead. The system supports the driver with careful attention by, for example, suggesting alternate routes to avoid danger.

Human Interface

A car that "takes care of" the driver

Detecting the driver's alertness and the surrounding conditions, the car may issue a warning to slow down ahead or communicate information the driver needs intuitively by either voice or on-screen display.

The more a person drives the car, the more "considerate" the car becomes, getting to "know you" better than anyone to become your best partner.
Expect great things from DENSO TEN.
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